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Internship Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible for an internship with the Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth, applicants must be an enrolled student at the University of Oklahoma. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. There is no minimum number of credits completed required and no GPA minimum.

The I-CCEW Internship is designed to significantly contribute to Interns' professional development in addition to offering valuable work experience. In order to do this successfully, these are the participation requirements that all selected interns must be able to meet:

New Intern Orientation

New Intern Orientation will take place in late April (Spring Semester) or in late November (Fall Semester)

Intern Boot Camp

Boot Camp introduces incoming interns to key entrepreneurial concepts and terminology in an interactive, team-based environment. For both Spring and Fall semesters, Boot Camp will take place the Friday and Saturday before classes begin. 

Seminar Series

I-CCEW Seminar Series is a semester-long program that contributes to analysts' professional and skills development and introduces interns to influential Oklahomans and business leaders. In Norman, the class meets from 12:30-2:00PM every Monday on the OU Research Campus and is required of all interns, regardless of whether or not an intern chooses to receive course credit for the internship. In OKC and Tulsa, the seminar series will be scheduled according to intern schedules, but we aim for Thursdays over lunch. 

Biweekly Staff Updates

Each I-CCEW team has biweekly meetings with the I-CCEW staff to check in on project progress and engage in problem solving. In Norman, biweeklies take place every other Friday at a time coordinated when the full team can be present. In OKC and Tulsa, biweeklies will be scheduled according to intern schedules.

Weekly Time Commitment

Including these scheduled commitments, all interns are expected to meet the weekly time commitment listed in the application description. This time is made up of both individual research and work time as well as team meetings which are scheduled in coordination with all team members' availability.

Any questions about eligibility and participation requirements can be directed to