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Instruments Available at IEG


The MiSeq is a benchtop sequencer designed for use in research labs.  The system is easy-to-use, automated, and fast.  It can provides up to 15 Gb of data (25 M sequencing reads, 2x300 bp read lengths) within 8 hours (56 hrs for the 2x300 bp kit).  This system is capable of targeted gene sequencing, metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression, amplicon sequencing starting at 10 ng DNA, and HLA typing and integrates amplification, sequencing, and data analysis in a single instrument.

IEG is also equipped with a PippenPrep DNA Size Selection System (Sage Scientific), 2100 BioAnalyzer (Agilent), and an M220 Focused-ultrasonicator (Covaris).

LabRAM HR Benchtop Raman System

The LabRAM is a high sensitivity single spectrograph that allows for fast generation of Raman spectra of indiviual microbial cells.  Raman spectroscopy allows for non-destructive, non-invasive, information-rich analysis without the need for sample preparation.  The LabRAM HR provides spectral coverage from visible to near infrared, resolution of 0.35 cm-1/pixel and confocal point analysis. 

Application Note (pdf)

Located in the Single Cell Lab

The GeneChip Instrument System

The GeneChip Instrument System uses a high-density array and provides integrated gene expression and DNA analysis on a single platform.  Photolithographic manufacturing of the GeneChips, paired with strict process controls, results in unsurpassed quality, reproducibility, and consistency.  Software provides data analysis, scalable data management options, and enables third-party software integration.

Maui Hybridization System

The Maui provides incubation and mixing during microarray hybridization using specially designed hybeidization chambers.  Up to 12 array slides (1" x 3")can be hybridized at one time.

MS200 Miocroarray Scanner

The MS200 is a high-resolution scanner that provides resolution down to 2 µm.  It has a slide magazine capable of scanning up to 48 slides automatically and is equipped with autofocus and auto gain.

NoZone WS Workspace

Benchtop enclosure equipped with a fitration system that removes ozone, providing an ozone-free area for microarray work.  The Workspace maintains ozone levels at below 5 ppb.

IEG has three NoZone hoods for microarray preparation, washing and scanning.

ProScan Array

The ProScan Array is a confocal microarray scanner and can be configured with up to 4 wavelengths and can simultaneously detect up to four dyes in one slide.  It is capable of scanning resolutions from 5 to 50 µm, automatically adjusts PMT and laser power, and has single channel excitation to minimize cross-talk between fluorophores.

BioMek FX Laboratory Automation Work Station

The BioMek is a liquid handling robot equiped with a 96 multiichannel pipettor single arm system, an integrated gripper for moving labware, and a stacker carousel for automated tip moving.  It can be used for plasmid purification ), PCR reaction setup and clean up, sequencing reaction clean up, dye removal, and plate replication.

MicroGrid Array Printer

The MicroGrid Array Printer uses printing pins and can print over 100 slides from 24 source plates (96, 384, or 1536 well plates) at one time.  The printhead is capable of over 40 pin configurations. Equiped with high-effiency cooling to reduce sample evaporation, three wash stations, and pin drying by high velocity vacuum.

Barocycler NEP3229


The Barocycler uses hydrostatic pressure to cell lysis.  It uses pressure cycling technology to cycle from ambient to ultra high pressure levels.  It is able to process three samples at once using single-use PULSE tubes.

PowerLyzer 24 Benchtop Homogenizer

The PowerLyzer offers quiet, hands-free homogenization and can homogenize up to 24 samples (2 mL tubes) at one time.  It is optimized for use with the MO BIO DNA and RNA extraction kits.  It has a wide range of operation settings: 500-5000 rpm, cycle intervals of 1 second to 5 minutes.  

NanoDrop One

The NanoDrop One provides quantity and quality of DNA, RNA and protein samples within seconds with only 1-2 µL of sample.  

Omptima TLX BioSafe Centrifuge System

The TLX has a maximum speed of 657,000 x g and can handle sample volumes of 0.2 mL to 5.1 mL per tube.

FLUOstar Optima

The FLUOstar is a microplate reader able to measure fluorescence intensity, luminescence, UV/Vis absorbance, and time-resolved fluorescence.  It is able to measure up to 384-well plate format and has top and bottom reading.  It is equipped with injectors for reagent injection and detection, shaker and incubator (45-65 °C).

BioFlo 110 Modular Benchtop Fementor


The BioFlo 110 is a modular fermentation system for microbial and cell culture applications.  It has a Primary Control Unit that serves as the operator interface for up to four vessels.

Micro Oxymax Respirometer

The Micro Oxymax is a multichannel gas sampler capable of measuring 6 gases in up to 80 vessels.  It is equipped with a sample pump, expansion interface and individual gas sensors for measuring O2, CO2, H2, CH4, CO, H2S, and SO2.


The OmniLog provides automated incubation and monitoring of cell growth using 96-well microplates for determining microbial phenotype.  Plates are available for carbon, nitrogen, phoshporus, and sulfur utilization and response to pH, chemicals, and osmostic conditions.  Digital images are captured and color development is monitored autoimatically several times per hour.  Plates can be used for both single isolates or microbial communities.  

MP-1000 PourMatic

The Pourmatic is able to pour up to 16 plates per minute and can dispense 5-40 mL of media into 60 or 100 mm plates.

BioScreen C

The BioScreen is designed to automatically monitor microbial assays at wavelengths of 405-600 nm of up to 200 samples in specially designed 96-well plates.  Users can specify incubation temperature, shaking prior to measurement, frequency of measurement, and length of experiment (1 day to 1 year), which is then computer controlled.