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Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods

DNeasy PowerSoil DNA Isolation kit (Link to document on the Qiagen website)  Nov 2020

DNA Extraction Method for Radioactive sample from ORNL (pdf) May 2017

pdf Modified MoBio PowerSoil Protocol
Combines the freeze-grind DNA extraction method with the MoBio PowerSoil kit
pdf Classic Community DNA extraction method
Instructions for freeze-grind, detergent lysis community DNA extraction - Oct. 2015
pdf Combined DNA-RNA extraction protocol
Extraction of both DNA and RNA from soil or water samples

Measurement of DNA/RNA

pdf dsDNA quantification with PicoGreen
Instructions for measuring DNA concentration with PicoGreen

Amplification Methods

pdf Modified Templiphi Amplification Method
Whole Community Genome Amplification
doc RNA Amplification
Amplification of RNA from microbial communities



pdf Labeling Community DNA for Microarray Hybridization
Instructions for new labeling protocol
pdf Hybridization protocol - 60K array
Protocol for the Agilent array
pdf Hybridization protocol - 180K array
Protocol for Agilent array

Other Assays

Chemical and Buffer Preparation

Gel Loading Buffer Recipe (pdf)

TAE Buffer Recipe (pdf)

Phenol Saturation Protocol (pdf) - Instructions for preparing saturated phenol from solid phenol

Instrument Operation