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Tom Love Innovation Hub

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Welcome to the Tom Love Innovation Hub

Be Inspired

There are lots of ways to be inspired here at the Tom Love Innovation Hub. Come to one of our 201 Talks to learn about successful entreprenuers and innovators across various industries. Our 405 Startup Stories travel across the Norman and Oklahoma City region to hear tales of achievement right here in our own backyard. 

Get Creative

Practice makes perfect. We offer a variety of ways to improve your craft, whatever it may be. Come to one of our How Do I informational talks to learn valuable skills like product photography, app development, 3D modeling and much more. Try out our Merging Realities, which are themed virtual reality programs that allow you to explore different worlds and environments - from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the ocean. Compete with other developers and engineers in weekly Brainteaser contests to brush up on new skills and find the best methods to solve a problem.


Make Something

We're all about seeing ideas come to life. In our Digital Fabrication Lab, we have student assistants who are there to help see your vision become a reality. With tools ranging from 3D printers to table saws, we have everything you could need to turn your idea into a model, from the smallest of parts to a living room table. We also offer Create Challenges, which push your creativity to the limit while encouraging utilization of our very own resources. If you'd prefer more one-on-one learning experiences, come to one of our workshops, where we'll walk you through creating a product from scratch, from Christmas ornanents to Halloween masks.

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Launch Ideas

Do you have an idea for a small business? Come visit our OK Catalyst team, here to help your business take off successfully. If you're an OU student with a business idea and finances are holding you back, apply for the Startup Innovation Fund, where you could receive grant funding to help launch your small business.

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