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OU Content Lab

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OU Content Lab

The OU Content Lab provides access to equipment and production services to assist emerging companies and University organizations with creating content and other media assets. The Content Lab also supports storytelling and event production management for the University of Oklahoma entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Content Creation Team

The Content Lab employs a cross-functional team of student artists, actors, stage technicians, graphic designers and media production specialists to support creative projects on contract. Its media and live-event offerings provide exposure to and experiential opportunities in production and client relations for students across artistic and media disciplines.

If you are interested in joining the Content Creation Team, please complete the interest form below.


Offered Services

Content Lab offers services on contract to anyone, especially University organizations and small businesses. Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Product Photography
  • Event Photography & Video
  • Live-Stream Support
  • Podcast Production
  • Media Training
  • Equipment Rentals*

*Program members affiliated with OU Startup Programs (and/or its partners) and members of the Content Creation Team are provided access to applicable equipment to support personal creative projects at reduced or no charge.

Mandatory Release for Services

Prior to receiving any services from the Content Lab, you must sign and return this talent release to the Content Lab's main office, granting the OU Content Lab the right to use photos or audio of your likeness for promotional purposes, commercial or otherwise.

Schedule Services

Creative project consultations are available to anyone to discuss planning and execution of creative projects. Previous projects include product demos, short-form commercials and social media content. 

Book a Creative Project Consultation

See More From the OU Content Lab

You can see more content by subscribing to OU Content Lab on YouTube and checking out our playlists.