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Startup OU

The University of Oklahoma's starting point for entrepreneurship, Startup OU is an entrepreneurship hub that fosters and champions the next generation of founders and entrepreneurial talent. Our organization serves as an entry point into the University of Oklahoma, state, and regional startup ecosystems; a connection point for startup founders and university resources and talent; and a launch point for university-affiliated and community startups into the state and regional economies.

Program Areas

Startup OU oversees a number of experiential initiatives in entrepreneurship, holistic launch programs, statewide competitions in entrepreneurship, and multiple funds and programs to financially back early-stage startups. 

Startup Experience is an umbrella for a number of initiatives designed to create opportunities to connect with real-world startups and explore paths to and within entrepreneurship for aspiring and early entrepreneurs.

These experiential initiatives offer aspiring founders numerous opportunities to plug into the university and greater Oklahoma startup ecosystems at a level they find comfortable, while providing the freedom and means to expand and/or take on new roles within those ecosystems.

Startup Launchpad offers aspiring founders foundational training and hands-on support to explore the viability of their ideas and convert those same ideas into revenue-generating ventures.

Startup OU engages all startup and small business concepts, regardless of size, industry or industry vertical–while still continuing to play a critical role in launching spin-out technology startups commercializing university-owned intellectual properties.

Startup Competitions is an umbrella for a several competitions and challenges that aim to inspire innovation, spur growth and showcase talent. Competitions offer unique opportunities for startups, aspring founders, and others to compete for funding and recognition within the university, state and regional ecosystems.

Startup Funding encompasses all funding-related initiatives and programs, including early-stage seed funds and training opportunities for students interested in exploring careers in venture capital and learning how to evaluate startups for investment.

Through these core program areas, Startup OU has supported numerous students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other central Oklahomans in launching new ventures and creating new opportunities.

Join the Startup Community Hub

Startup OU is the home of entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma, and our organization strives to build connection across the university ecosystem. Startup Community is an online hub of founders and startup builders from the university and local community exploring and pursuing entrepreneurship. 

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Questions About Startup OU

If you have any questions about Startup OU or any of our opportunities, please contact us by email at, by phone at (405) 325-7808 or by reaching us on social media @OUStartups.