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Start-Hub is the point of entry for all University of Oklahoma students interested in or actively pursuing a project, prototype or business model. This one-year fellowship program connects multidisciplinary students from across the University to create, design or test those ideas. 

Start-Hub allows Fellows to form a team and work on their own entrepreneurial idea, or join a team and employ their skills in supporting their peers. Fellows earn distinction as an OU Start-Hub Fellow upon successful completion of the program.

Being an OU Start-Hub Fellow signals to the Oklahoma entrepreneurial ecosystem you are someone with the Willingness, Capability and Commitment to pursue something real. You have to start somewhere

Information for Start-Hub Fellows and Prospective Applicants

Start-Hub is an adaptive program that responds to Fellows' needs. Fellows are provided:

  • skills training
  • guided one-on-one mentorship
  • 24-7 access to dedicated work spaces
  • reserved Fabrication Lab times
  • access to Hub Studios. 

Through a tailored mix of seminars, workshops, consultations and hands-on practical application, Fellows have the opportunity to explore their own or others’ entrepreneurial ideas and develop them into something real.

Fellows must regularly attend weekly meetings, obtain necessary certification for Fabrication Lab equipment use and support the program through internal and external engagement.

Team Colors:

Start-Hub Fellows have many skills, which we have found often fall into three primary factions:

  • Yellow Team: Technology & Engineering
  • Blue Team: Art & Design
  • Red Team: Business & Communication

Fellows have the opportunity to select which Specialty Team they want to work with during their fellowship.

Specialty Teams:

Specialty Teams serve three core purposes:

  • Communication: Enable OU Startup Programs staff to identify the skills and abilities available to the cohort and connect those who need those skills with the individuals that have them.
  • Coordination: Help members with similar skills, interests and professional backgrounds coordinate their efforts, share information, better utilize resources and promote peer-to-peer professional development. 
  • Community: Provide a central point of reference for Start-Hub Fellows seeking the skills and know-how within their respective team(s).

Willing. Capable. Committed. 

These values are at Start-Hub’s core. Willingness is an individual's enthusiasm to test an idea, while Capability is an individual's skill in implementing an idea. Together, Willingness and Capability lead to Commitment, the point where individuals are willing and capable of carrying an idea through failure or success.

Willingness and Capability are critical in the initial stages of development, and Start-Hub’s purpose is to foster these traits within its Fellows, giving them the tools and connections to carry their ideas forward.

Apply to Start-Hub

We are not seeking applicants to Start-Hub at this time. 

If you are interested in learning more about Start-Hub for later enrollment or any of our other student programs, we encourage you to contact our OU Startup Programs Lead with any questions.