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Free Speech Support on Campus

Free Speech Support on Campus

The University of Oklahoma is committed to the free, spirited and safe exchange of ideas. The Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities acknowledges that the University cannot punish or censor student speech based on its content.

The Campus Event Response Team (CERT) was established to support the well-being and safety of University of Oklahoma community during campus protests, demonstrations and select events during which there is a potential for counter demonstration or emotional triggers and responses.

This group can generally be found at free speech events.

The University does not limit demonstration activity taking place along its public roads and sidewalks, including leafleting and the dissemination of information, as long as the activity does not unreasonably restrict pedestrian traffic or cause damage to landscaping. Speech that would potentially harm community members, including fighting words, incitement, true threats and proscribable harassment or other speech acts unprotected by the First Amendment, are prohibited.

On the Norman campus, the Special Events Policy requires prior approval for the use of University property. Outdoor areas of campus generally accessible to the public are available to be used for expressive activity on a first-come basis. In addition, there are several areas on campus with high visibility and historic significance that are particularly compatible with expressive activity (e.g., area near Bizzell Memorial Library; Dale Hall sidewalk; Bird Library Patio); those areas may be reserved in advance.

For more information on OU’s dedication to fostering the free exchange of ideas and opinions, visit

Article Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2019