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OU-Tulsa Student Works Hard for Future Patients

OU-Tulsa Student Works Hard for Future Patients

Kevin Dale strives to leave every patient interaction on a positive note and connect with the people around him. He knew he wanted a career that allowed him to build relationships with patients and the skill set to help them heal. That’s what led him to physical therapy at OU-Tulsa.

After visiting with a physical therapist, Dale said his perspective of health care was changed.

He said he realized that as a physical therapist, “you could spend time with a patient and you could see them multiple times a week for hours, and you see them progress in front of you.”

Dale is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student who works hard on his education to set a good example for his young daughter. He looks forward to a future serving patients and eventually teaching others the skills he has gained.

Editor’s Note: Video was filmed earlier in the spring semester.

By Bonnie Rucker

Article Published: Wednesday, April 8, 2020