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Students: Apply for OU Scholarships through CASH

Apply for OU Scholarships through CASH

CASH application is now open graphic

The Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) is open now through Feb. 1 for current OU Norman campus-based students to apply for competitive academic scholarships.

CASH serves as a centralized location for current OU undergraduate and graduate students to apply for all merit- and financial need-based scholarships.

CASH includes a general application with questions about a student’s academic program, campus involvement and family background. CASH then recommends other scholarship opportunities based on a student’s answers.

“Make sure that you complete the general application in its entirety, but don’t forget that’s not the only application to fill out,” said Megan McConnell, director of the Scholarships Office at OU. “Check your recommended opportunities to fully take advantage of all of the scholarship applications that you could be eligible for within the CASH system.”

The general application also includes two short essay questions, which McConnell says are a great way for students to share their story.

“It’s your time to tell us why a scholarship is important to you,” she explained. “We understand that talking about finances is sometimes uncomfortable, but our scholarship committees are here to help. We want to know about changes to your financial situation and how a scholarship from OU could make a big impact.”

Scholarships are an important element of many students’ financial plans. For William Hellier, a senior studying industrial and systems engineering, CASH has assisted with paying for college.

“It’s an extremely accessible and streamlined way to apply for smaller scholarships that have a major impact,” Hellier said. “I think I have received over $3,000 from CASH scholarships alone, which allowed me to only have one part-time job during school and travel to see my long-distance fiancée.”

Although the application is open until Feb. 1, McConnell recommends that students begin familiarizing themselves with the application and building their responses now. Some applications may ask for additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, that students will also need time to gather.

Averyana McDonald, a senior studying health and exercise science, said that in past years, she applied over the span of a month. Each time she logged into the CASH system, McDonald applied for a few scholarships at once.

“With all the scholarships in one place … and with there being multiple options, you’re able to apply for so many and increase your chances of getting one,” McDonald said. “With there being so much time for the CASH application, you don’t have to submit it the day it opens because it doesn’t increase your chances at the beginning or the end. You have plenty of time to apply for absolutely as many as you can.”

Multiple factors can be used for scholarship selection. McConnell explained that in addition to academic majors and GPA, scholarship committees might consider campus involvement, hours worked, financial need and essay responses.

For students completing the CASH application, McConnell shared these tips:

  • Double check for spelling and grammar errors
  • Use campus resources, such as the OU Writing Center
  • Complete each answer in its entirety
  • Provide appropriate documentation
  • Allow time to review and revise
  • Share your unique story

Students who are eligible are encouraged to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the Feb. 1 CASH deadline to help demonstrate financial need.

Students at the OU Health Sciences Center can contact their academic programs coordinator to learn about scholarship opportunities.

CASH can be accessed through the Student Financial Center website at Students who have questions about the CASH application can contact the Student Financial Center at or (405) 325-9000.

By Andie Aston

Article Published:  Wednesday, November 4, 2020