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Introducing the OU Big Idea Challenge

Introducing the OU Big Idea Challenge

flowchart: Global Grand Challenges (bifurcated fork) Academia, Partners and agencies > Convergence Research >Global Impact

Transdisciplinary teams of University of Oklahoma faculty, students, post-docs and research staff have been invited to submit bold, big ideas for projects that could position the university as a leader in generating new contributions to solving regional, national and global challenges in the areas of global security, energy and sustainability, health and communities.

Tomás Díaz de la Rubia, OU vice president for research and partnerships on the Norman campus, said the Big Idea Challenge will focus on bringing teams together to pursue system-level projects that integrate social, political, ethical, design and creative arts considerations with advanced science and engineering ideas to generate new holistic impacts and outcomes. It also will provide seed funding as a way to incubate ideas that have the potential for future extramural support.

“The OU Big Idea Challenge, or BIC, is part of our effort to continuously incentivize the convergence of academic disciplines into new transdisciplinary teams focused on exploring solutions to global grand challenges,” Díaz de la Rubia said.

He adds that proposals for projects that advance social justice goals of diversity, equity and inclusion in research and public impact are welcome, also noting that the BIC themes align with OU’s Lead On, University Strategic Plan and with the OU Norman research strategic framework.

“The BIC will chart new pathways to discoveries, innovations, and social and policy solutions, while training the next generation of future interdisciplinary talent,” he said.

For more information, including details on the application process and deadlines, please click here.

Article Published:  Wednesday, September 23, 2020