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OU IT Deploys LastPass Password Manager for All OU Employees and Students

OU IT Deploys LastPass Password Manager for All OU Employees and Students

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As a benefit to all OU employees and students, OU Information Technology has deployed LastPass – a password manager that improves digital security by allowing users to securely create and store passwords in an encrypted environment.  

Employees and students on all three OU campuses can use the LastPass mobile app or web browser plugin to easily access websites, apps, tools and other university systems.

Among its many benefits, LastPass:  

  • Saves time by automating logins; 
  • Eliminates the frustration of lost and forgotten passwords;
  • Educates users on easy ways to improve “password hygiene;” and
  • Better protects their digital identity and OU’s data and systems. 

“To cybercriminals, every account in a large organization like ours represents an attack vector,” said Aaron Baillio, chief information security officer for OU IT. “Protecting our university’s key systems and data starts with good practices at the individual account level. Combined with our ongoing training and account protection efforts, an active password management program helps us establish a strong foundation for cybersecurity at the University of Oklahoma.” 

LastPass Enterprise will enable full-time employees at the university to securely store work passwords, share log-in credentials with team members and access their information while on campus or remote. Faculty and staff will receive an activation email from LastPass  and can view activation instructions on the OU IT support portal.

All students and employees can register for a free LastPass Premium account for managing personal passwords at The service also allows individuals to upgrade an existing account to this free offer. A non-OU email address is required to sign up.

To simplify management of work and personal passwords, users can link Enterprise and Premium accounts. Personal passwords are private and remain accessible only to the individual user.  

OU IT has provided a number of resources linked below to help OU community members get started with the new service.  


By Nick Key

Article Published:  Wednesday, March 10, 2021