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5 Things to Know About OU Landscaping

5 Things to Know About OU Landscaping

The Sooner Spirit shows in our people and on our campuses. The Norman campus is listed as one of the most beautiful campuses in the U.S. and it’s one of our pride points.

We know you are worried about making sure we continue this tradition, but even as OU progresses through this time of change, the beauty of the campus will endure.

1. For more than 70 years, the mums on the South Oval of the Norman campus have been a favorite of our Sooner Family. Even with a recent reduction in force within the Landscape and Grounds department, the annual mum display will continue to be a tradition that will make us proud for the next 70 years.


2. The reduction in force within the Norman campus Landscape department was necessary in part because new construction on campus is slowing and landscaping needs are changing. We are keeping the number of skilled personnel on staff necessary to continue keeping our campus beautiful.


3. Mowing and maintenance of the Norman main campus and research campus lawns and gardens will continue to be maintained at a high level to ensure a beautiful campus. Facilities Management proposed a comprehensive plan to cut costs in the areas of fleet size, fuel usage, materials, supplies and labor.

4. The landscaping department has a goal to use more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in determining what to plant and when. This will allow the university to create the most beautiful gardens possible with the least amount of waste.


5. Additional savings will be found by allowing undeveloped OU land to go longer between mowing.