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Integrity Council

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Integrity Council

What is the Integrity Council?

In 2011, the OU Board of Regents approved an Academic Integrity Code that gave students major responsibility for the OU community’s academic integrity system. The students responsible for running this system come from the Integrity Council. The Council’s official duties include chairing academic misconduct hearings, conducting investigations for reported acts of academic misconduct, reviewing academic misconduct cases and recommending sanctions, and assisting with integrity training for students who have violated the Academic Integrity Code.

In short, Integrity Council members work to educate, adjudicate, and remediate students at the University of Oklahoma.

  • We educate by giving presentations about academic integrity and hosting an annual Integrity Forum.
  • We adjudicate by running the investigations and adjudication hearings that occur if a student contests an accusation of academic misconduct.
  • We remediate by serving as peer educators in integrity training for students who have violated the Academic Integrity Code. 

The Council also hosts a number of events throughout the year to increase awareness of Academic Integrity on campus. These events include classroom presentations, Donut Cheat, Taco 'bout Integrity, and Integrity Week.

The Integrity Council is a registered student organization at OU and falls under the Office of Academic Integrity Programs (OAIP). Students are a key element of the OAIP because they help the process be more transparent and fair, and contribute to fostering a culture of academic integrity at OU.

Who can be on the Integrity Council?

Any student at the University of Oklahoma!

Because the Integrity Council is the student voice of academic integrity on campus, it is our goal to represent every facet of student life. We try to have students from every college and major on campus, as well as students from many different backgrounds. We welcome international, nontraditional, transfer and graduate students, as well as athletes and members of various student organizations on campus. It is our goal to have as diverse a council as possible so that we are properly representing the students of the University of Oklahoma.

How can I get involved?

We encourage all students to make their own personal commitment to meeting our high standards of academic integrity at OU, and to hold their peers accountable. Our academic integrity code also allows students to report misconduct they discover.

We believe that students should have a say in protecting the value of their degree. Since all students and alumni are linked to the reputation of the University of Oklahoma, cheating on campus affects everyone, not just those that engage in academic misconduct.

Beyond managing the academic integrity system at OU, the Integrity Council hosts a number of campus activities, including an annual Integrity Week. For more information about upcoming events, visit the events tab.

How can I apply to be a part of the Integrity Council?

We encourage all students to apply. Due to the members’ serious responsibilities and sensitive nature of the information handled by the Integrity Council, membership is very selective. In our annual membership drives, roughly one in five applicants are invited to join the Integrity Council. We hold our membership drive each year in the Fall semester. The application process consists of an online application.

Check back here for the 2024 application link and information.

If you have any more questions, please contact the Integrity Council Chair, Tyler Brassfield, at

For questions about applications and membership, please contact the Integrity Council Vice Chair of Operations and Membership, Alice Sohn, at