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Executive Committee Members

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Executive Committee Members

Integrity Council Executive Members 2022-2023

2022 - 2023 Executive Committee

Integrity Council Chair Siri Nuguri


Siri Nuguri is a Junior in a planned program for Medical Sciences. As Chair of the Integrity Council, she serves as the chief of the executive committee and the official liaison between the University administration and IC. Siri’s favorite part of IC is being able to work with students of all different disciplines to promote academic integrity on campus.

Integrity Council Vice-Chair of Membership Hailey Foust

Vice-Chair of Membership

Hailey Foust is a Senior studying Psychology and Criminology. As VCOM, Hailey keeps track of membership and operations by creating and upholding participation standards and keeping Integrity Council members up to date on them. Hailey's favorite part of IC is leading the membership committee and getting to know potential members to usher in the future of the Council!

Integrity Council Vice-Chair of Adjudications Tyler Brassfield

Vice-Chair of Adjudications

Tyler Brassfield is a Junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. As VCA, Tyler ensures that the hearing process upholds students’ ability to be heard and submits hearing summaries that impartially indicate the hearing’s outcomes and the panel’s reasoning. Tyler's favorite part of Integrity Council is observing the process of students receiving an opportunity to be heard.

Integrity Council Vice-Chair of Adjudications Sydney Kropp

Vice-Chair of Adjudications

As VCA, Sydney Kropp oversees the adjudication process to ensure that students’ voices are represented fairly and all procedures are properly followed.

Integrity Council Social Chair Aakansha Dalal

Social Chair

Aakansha Dalal is a Senior studying Sociology-Criminology and Chemical Biosciences with a minor in Spanish. As Social Chair, she organizes programming events for Integrity Council members and works with other executive members to coordinate IC’s participation in wider university events. Aakansha’s favorite parts of IC are: how tightknit the Council is, getting to educate others on the importance of integrity, and helping others in the community through events.

Integrity Council Vice-Chair of Public Relations and Outreach Rickey Hewitt, Jr.

Vice-Chair of Public Relations and Outreach

Rickey Hewitt, Jr. is a Senior studying English Writing on a Pre-Law track. As VCPRO, he is the official liaison of Integrity Council to the general faculty of OU and is responsible for communication with the student body. Rickey's favorite part of IC is bringing a student perspective to the academic integrity process through his involvement.

Integrity Council Secretary Maria Buscemi


Maria Buscemi is a Junior studying Letters with a concentration in Constitutional Studies and a minor in Spanish. As secretary, she keeps Integrity Council’s General Council and Executive Committee meetings running smoothly by taking minutes and tallying votes. Maria’s favorite part of IC is participating in meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations about integrity that serve students and the university.

Integrity Council Webmaster Grace Gierach


Grace Gierach is a Junior studying Sports Business and Vocal Music Education with minors in Spanish and History. As webmaster, she maintains the Integrity Council's social media presence to keep IC members and the university community up-to-date and engaged. Grace’s favorite part of IC is being a peer educator and working with students from different parts of campus to promote integrity.


As treasurer, Monica Ahedor oversees all of the Integrity Council’s finances by tracking expenses and serving as the IC liaison to the RSO budget committee.

Vice-Chair of Review

Aileen Gibson is a Political Science PhD student. As VCR, she oversees the review of cases when requested by alleged violators and advises the review panel on policy and fact issues. Being a part of Integrity Council helped Aileen figure out her research interest: education policy.