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Enrollment Statistics

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Enrollment Statistics

Enrollment Summary

The Enrollment Summary provides headcount and FTE enrollment for all of the University of Oklahoma, both in total and by campus.  Most of the data are as of the most current two years, but there are some trend tables included.

Enrollment Analysis

OU’s Norman Campus is made up of both traditional and non-traditional programs, ranging from standard in-person instruction to online-only programs.  Enrollment reports for Norman Campus take into account all students enrolling in the full range of program areas.  In prior years, IRR made an effort to report each of the subareas separately – Norman On-Campus, or Norman Campus programs at Tulsa, or instruction on or near military bases through Advanced Programs, etc.  Upon closer examination, however, we’ve found that students do not keep strictly to a single subarea, instead choosing to enroll in whatever course offerings make the best sense for their overall academic plan.  Because of this trend toward cross-enrollment, IRR has chosen – as of Fall 2014 – to report enrollment for the entire Norman Campus in total.  We have provided a comparable set of data for Fall 2013 in this year’s report, to ease the transition in methodology.  If you are concerned about this change, especially if you feel that it doesn’t meet your reporting needs, please get in touch with us ( for a consultation.

Health Sciences Center students are not included in these reports.  For detailed OUHSC data, visit their website.

Enrollment Detail


The Enrollment Detail reports provide headcount enrollment by campus, major, department, college, and classification.  There are two versions of the report:  one that provides summaries by classification, and one that provides summaries by tuition residency and full-/part-time status.

Students with additional majors or in multiple degree programs are counted in each active major.  Because of this, students could potentially be counted multiple times if enrollment by major was simply added up.  We have included unduplicated summaries by department and by college for your use instead.  There is also a summary by minor.

Note:  In these reports, if there is a small enough enrollment within a single cell of a detailed breakdown that we think that the student(s) could be personally identifiable, we black out the detail in order to preserve student privacy.  While those data are not available to the general public, OU faculty and staff who need the full detail to fulfill their job duties should contact IRR for a non-altered copy.