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Information Technology Council



The ITC is an advisory body consisting of faculty, staff, students, and administrators that deals with the use of computing, networking, telecommunications, and similar technologies on the Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma. 

The aim of the ITC is to help facilitate the use of information technology that will advance the University's goals of teaching, research, and service. 

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College of Arts and Sciences Online and Academic Technology Services

The Information Technology Council (ITC) has the advisory responsibility for the policy and planning aspects of information technology and resources on the Norman campus.

These technologies and resources include, but are not limited to the following: Networking; research and creative activity computing; instructional computing and technology, administrative computing; voice, video, and data communications; library resources and services; and analog and digital data storage, retrieval, and transport. The Council considers these technologies and resources from the lowest level of transport through their delivery and use, the degree to which campus audiences are both aware of and able to use them efficiently and effectively, and the budget decisions involved in their purchase and upkeep.

The Council advises and makes recommendations to the President, the Senior Vice President and Provost, the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, the Vice President for Research, and the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. It solicits, receives, and reviews pertinent recommendations of other councils and committees. It provides for input from all areas of the campus through the creation of standing committees that deal with topics of general concern. It constitutes task forces to deal with specific issues or, through other formal reporting channels to respond to the concerns of administrative offices, academic units, and councils or committees. The chair of the Council shall also report regularly to the Faculty Senate and serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the Senate.

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The following are responsibilities of the Information Technology Council:

  • Formulate statements of general policy related to information technology and resources.

  • Recommend, advise on, and monitor progress towards long-range strategic planning for information technology and resources.

  • Recommend, advise on, and monitor progress towards the improvement of campus information technology literacy through the training of campus personnel.

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  • Review actual and proposed changes in the administrative structures that support information technology and resources.

  • Serve as a forum for the interaction of campus service providers and their user communities by monitoring the various aspects of campus usage, and by periodically soliciting the feedback of users.

  • Undertake other activities it considers appropriate to foster and promote the effective and efficient use of information technologies and resources.