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Sarah's Story

Sarah Ciccaglioni

Sarah Ciccaglione   |   OU '20

Shifting Focus, Shifting Gears

A New Passion

OU rowing team

I came to OU after being recruited for the rowing team. When a back injury cut my career short, I shifted all my attention to my other passion: mechanical engineering at the Gallogly College of Engineering.

I quickly discovered the Sooner Racing Team, and other programs offered in the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility, were the best way to get hands-on engineering experience.

Sooner Racing Team

Silicon Valley 

I took a year-long internship with Tesla after my sophomore year. I had the opportunity to work on several prototype vehicles and was even there when the Roadster 2.0 was released.

Sarah Ciccaglioni in Silicon Valley
Sarah Ciccaglioni soldering

From Concept to Reality

OU has equipped me to pursue my passions and turn concepts into reality. I recently filed my second patent with the help of the Tom Love Innovation Hub and Office of Technology Development.