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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 2 (1934)

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Complete Issue


Bridges, C.B. On naming allels.

Muller, H.J. Inversions.

Muller, H.J. Attached X’s.

Muller, H.J. Rearrangements in general.

Muller, H.J. Deficiency.

Patterson, J.T. Symbols for Translocations.

Spencer, W.P. Symbols.

Research Items

Muller, H.J. Balancing of deleted X-chromosome.

Muller, H.J. Triploids.

Muller, H.J. Extension of third chromosome.

Timofeeff-Ressovsky, N. Temperature-experiments with Drosophila melanogaster.

Timofeeff-Ressovsky, N. A comparison of the mutation-inducing effects of X-rays and Gamma-rays.

Technical Notes

Demerec, M. Flexible chromosome maps.

Glass, B.H. Control of mold and mites.

Demerec, M. Control of mites.

Demerec, M. Etherising bottle.

Muller, H.J. Etherising bottle.

Muller, H.J. Stock lists.

Muller, H.J. Concerning acknowledgements.

Muller, H.J. Concerning material to be published.

Demerec, M. Drosophila stock center at Cold Spring Harbor.