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Volume 50 (December 1973)

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Agnew, J.D. Morphological differences in larval D. melanogaster and simulans.
Andrews, P.W. and D.B. Roberts. A screen of a number of fluoro-compounds as possible selective agents for biochemical mutants in Drosophila melanogaster.
Angus, D.S. Polymorphism in D. immigrans.
Anxolabehere, U., P. Girard, L. Palabost and G. Periquet. Genic variation and degree of heterozygosity in natural population of Drosophila melanogaster.
Bächli, G. Drosophilidae of Kanha National Park, M.P., India.
Barker, J.S.F. and I.R. Bock. The Drosophilidae of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Basden, E.B. Some early Morgan specimens.
Beck, H. Some observations on Y-chromosomal bobbed mutants in D. hydei.
Begon, M. Preliminary observations on the yeasts associated with D. obscura and D.subobscura.
Belyaeva, E.S. Asynapsis of homologues in D. melanogaster salivary chromosomes.
Belyaeva, E.S. and I.F. Zhimulev. Puff size variability in D. melanogaster.
Bennett, J. and A.M. Hathaway. Aging and behavioral correlates of the w, w+ gene substitution.
Berg, R.L. A further study of the rate of "abnormal abdomen" (aa) in geographically isolated D. melanogaster populations.
Bijisma, R. and W. van Delden. Polymorphism at the G6PD- and 6PGD-locus in D. melanogaster.
Bischoff, W.L. Fine structure mapping of three lethal mutants within the deep orange gene of D. melanogaster.
Bortolozzi, J. and L.E. Magalhes. Gene frequency and population size.
Bortolozzi, J., R.C. Woodruff and T.K. Johnson. Frequency of spontaneous lethal mutations in darkness in D. melanogaster.
Boström, G. and L.R. Nilson. On tetrazoliumoxidases in D. melanogaster.
Breugel, F.M.A. van. Some new phenes of lethal tumorous Larvae and adult characteristics of some “Durchbrenner”.
Broadwater, C., L.V. Owens, R. Parks, C. Wintrey and F.R. Waddle. Male recombination from natural populations of D. melanogaster from North Carolina.
Cantelo, W.W. and A.L. Boswell. Mite control with chemicals in a Drosophila culture.
Chinnici, J.P. Preliminary data on the effect of mono-sodium glutamate on viability and crossing over in D. melanogaster.
De la Rosa, M.E. and R. Félix. Chromosome X loss and non-disjunction in oocytes of D. melanogaster, induced by the treatment with actinomycin D.
De la Rosa, M.E. and R. Félix. Cytogenetic effects of cycloheximide during spermatogenesis of D. melanogaster.
Doane, W.W., M.M. Kolar and P.M. Smith. Purified alpha-amylase from D. hydei.
Elens, A. Initiation of an ethological isolation between ebony and wild D. melanogaster.
Falk, R. On the structure of the R(1)2, y f chromosome.
Fattig, W.D. and J.R. Moody. Recovery of conditional male fertility mutants located on three chromosomes of D. melanogaster.
Fountatou-Vergini, J. Is Drosophila subobscura monogamic?
Frei, H. New white alleles by recombination in D. hydei.
Ganetzky, B. and J. Figenshow. An influence of the compound-generating exchange on ring recoverability in tandem-metacentric compound-X chromosomes.
Garcia-Bellido, A. The corrected number of adult epidermic cells of the tergites.
Garcia-Bellido, A. and J. Dapena. Recovery of cell marker mutants in Drosophila.
Garcia-Bellido, A. and P. Ripoll. Amwh+ duplication in the tip of the first chromosome.
Gassparian, S. New mutants in D. melanogaster.
Gassparian, S. Reproduction of D. melanogaster for different cross breedings.
Gelti-Douka, H., T.R. Gingeras and N.P. Kambysellis. Site of yolk protein synthesis in D. silvestris.
Gerresheim, F. An attempt to induce and select mutants with abnormal chemotactic behavior.
Gethmann, R.C. A case of sex chromosome meiotic drive that is age dependent.
Gingeras, T.R., H. Gelti-Douka and M.P. Kambysellis. Yolk proteins in Drosophila.
Glätzer, K.H. The status of Drosophila “pseuoneohydei”.
Godbole, N.N. and V.G. Vaidya. Drosophilid survey of Mahabaleshwar.
Gold, J.R. and M.M. Green. mu - a mutator gene in Drosophila melanogaster.
Golubovsky, M.D. and K.B. Sokolova. The expression and interaction of different alleles at the l(2)gl locus.
Gould-Somero, M., R. Hardy and L. Holland. The Y chromosome and sperm length in D. melanogaster.
Gress, R.E. and H. Nickla. Choice of oviposition sites by laboratory strains of D. melanogaster.
Grossman, A.I. Alpha-glyceraphosphate dehydrogenase in male and female D. melanogaster.
Grossman, A.I. Study of alcohol dehydrogenase and alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase in the Israel natural populations of D. melanogaster.
Gupta, J.P. A preliminary report on Drosophilids of Manipur, India.
Guzmán, J., M.E. De la Rosa, R. Félix and O. Olvera. Preliminary results on the radioprotective effect of butylatedhydroxytoluene on D. melanogaster.
Gvozdev, V.A., S.A. Gostimsky, T.I. Gerasimova and E.M. Gavrina. Complementation and fine structure analysis at the 2D3-2F5 region of the X-chromosome of D. melanogaster.
Gvozdev, V.A., V.T. Kakpakov and L.N. Mukhovacova. Effect of beta-ecdysone on cell growthand synthesis of macromolecules in the established embryonic cell lines of D. melanogaster.
Hall, L. Conditional dominance of temperature-sensitive locomotor mutants.
Hanna, P.J. and K.F. Dyer. The development of resistance to various organophosphates in populations of D. melanogaster.
Hardy, R.W., Le Ngoc Anh and Ng.H. Xuong. Three dimensional measurements of spermatid nuclei in D. melanogaster from electron micrographs of serial cross sections.
Hengstenberg, R. Responses of cervical connective fibres to visual pattern movement in wild type D. melanogaster.
Hennig, W. A remarkable status of D. pseudoneohydei?
Hoenigsberg, H.F., L.E. Castro and H.R. von Prahl. The Drosophila willistoni group from Colombia.
Horton, T.D. and C.P. Wright. Development of Tyrproless-2, l(1)EN15, a lethal mutant of D. melanogaster.
Imberski, R.B. and M. Olds. Electrophoretic analysis of alcohol dehydrogenase andoctanol dehydrogenase in D. hydei and related species.
Janning, W. Distribution of aldehyde oxidase activity in imaginal disks of D. melanogaster.
Jayasuriya, V.U.de.S. and W.E. Ratnayake. Screening of some pesticides on D. melanogaster for toxic and genetic effects.
Kaji, S. Incorporation of the tritiatedacetamide into DNA in D. melanogaster.
Kambysellis, M.P. Ultrastructure of the chorion in Drosophila species.
Katoh S. Two yellow eye pigments of D. melanogaster catalyzed by sepiapterinreductase.
Kenney, J. and A. Hunter. The effect of chlorinated water on D. immigrans.
Kirschbaum, W.F. and R.L. Cabrini. Lineal microphotometric scanning of D. melanogaster salivary gland chromosomes.
Kirschbaum, W.F. and H.G. Fromme. Method of obtaining sections for electron microscopy of squashed salivary gland chromosomes.
Köhler, W. Interaction of selection and recombination.
Korochkin, L.I. and E.S. Belyaeva. Esterase isozymes of D. imeretensis.
Korochkin, L.I., N.M. Matveeva and A.Y. Kerkis. Subcellular localization of esterases in D. virilis and D. texana.
Kuhn, D.T. Effect of maternal age upon an aberrant sex ratio condition in a tumorous-head strain of D. melanogaster.
Lamb, M.J. and LJ. Lilly. No detectable increase in sex-linked recessive lethal frequency after feeding male D. melanogaster with the fungicide Benlate.
LeFever, H.M. Analysis of three white mutants resulting in two new recombination sites at the white locus in D. melanogaster.
LeFever, H.M. and R.C. Moore. Characterization of a microorganism in Drosophila medium.
Levison, G.M., J.P. Chinnici and J.N. Gargus. Quantitative measurement of red eye pigment in various white mutants of D. melanogaster.
Marques, E.J. and L.E. de Magalhães. The frequency of SR-female of D. nebulosain natural population.
Mason, J.M. A relationship between daughterless and the Y chromosome.
Mather, W.B. and P. Thongmeearkom. The nasuta complex in Luzon.
McCrady, E. III. Thoracic macrochaet variation in D. virilis.
McCrady, W.B. Search for variation in responce to CO2 in wild-caught D. melanogaster.
McDonald, J. Selection for high and low percentage vibration in the courtship of D. melanogaster.
Michinomae, N. and S. Kaji. The various lysosomal frequencies during the development of the Bar eye disc.
Miglani, G.S. and R. Parkash. Effect of certain chemicals on salivary chromosomes of Drosophila.
Milkman, R. and M. Kratoska. Cage Drosophila go away to die.
Milkman, R. R. Zeitler and L. Layfer. Multiple paternity in cage populations.
Moree, R., K.R. Baumann and M.B. Durtschi. Rapid population experiments with D. melanogaster.
Muhs, H.-J. Increased frequency of the silent gene (LAP DO) in laboratory stocks of D. melanogaster during humid-hot summer Season.
Mulley, J.C. Electrophoretic detection of pyranosidase in D. buzzatii.
Narise, S. Substrate specificity of alpha- and beta-esterase isozymes of D. virilis.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Competition studies between D. ananassae and D. melanogaster.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Erratum in previous note.
Orevi, N. Prune temperature-sensitive mutations in D. melanogaster.
Orevi, N. Time of pn-Kpn interaction in males of D. melanogaster.
Ouweneel, W.J. Replacement patterns of homoeotic wing structures in halters.
Paik, Y.K. Frequency of heterozygous inversions from a Korean population of D.immigrans.
Paik, Y.K. and K.C. Sung. Inversion frequencies in D. immigrans populations from the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.
Patty, R.A., R.B. Goldstein and D.D. Miller. Sonagrams prepared from D. athabasca male courtship sounds.
Peacock, W.J. and G.L.G. Miklos. Light microscope analysis of spermiogenesis in D. melanogaster males exhibiting meiotic drive.
Pfeifer, S. and M. Sorsa. A report on inversion polymorphism in a local population of D. melanogaster (Porvoo wild).
Pinsker, W. and E. Doschek. Light dependence of D. subobscura - courtship and ethological isolation.
Postlethwait, J.H. A quantitative juvenile hormone assay on Drosophila.
Postlethwait, J.H. Effects of juvenile endocrine organs and juvenile hormone on the metamorphosis of Drosophila.
Postlethwait, J.H. Molting of Drosophila first instar larval cuticle induced by a metamorphosing host.
Prabhakar Rao, K. and M. Sanjeeva Rao. Screening of Ovral and Lyndiol for genetic effects in D. melanogaster.
Preuss, V. Light dependent and light independent mating of D. subobscura.
Purnima, U. and M. Sanjeeva Rao. Studies on genetic effects of Deuterium in D. melanogaster.
Puro, J., T. Nygren and M. Nuutila. Cytogeuetic localization of Pc in D. melanogaster.
Rajaraman, R. and O.P. Kamra. On Ruby laser mutagenicity to D. melanogaster male germ cells.
Ranganath, H.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Competitive coexistence is not an invalidation but an extension of the Gause principle.
Ranganath, H.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Chromosomal morphism in D. nasuta Lamb.
Rapport, E. On the action of the vital stain 2,2’-Dipyridyl.
Richmond, R.C. and A.W. Finkel. Selection for thermal preference in D. melanogaster.
Ripoll, P. and A. Garcia-Bellido. A new scVI translocation to the long arm of the Y.
Rizki, T.M. and R.M. Rizki. The microtopography of the posterior spiracles of D. melanogaster larvae.
Roberts, D.B. and S.M. Moffitt. Studies on antigens of wild type strains of D. melanogaster.
Sakaguchi, B. and S. Tsuchiyama. Self-induced interaction of D. equinoxialis sex-ratio spirochete.
Schwinck, I. Autonomy of the aurodrosopterin fingerprint pattern in imaginal eyetransplants between the mutants prune and garnet.
Sharma, R.P. Wingless - a new mutant in D. melanogaster.
Sharma, A.K., K.S. Gill and G.S. Miglani. Studies on chromosomal polymorphism in natural populations of D. busckii.
Siddaveere Gowda, L., H.A. Ranganath and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Virginity and longevityin Drosophila.
Sidhu, N.S. Electron microscopic study of the wall of the vesiculaseminalis ofD. melanogaster.
Singh, B.N. Heterosis owing to basal inversion in D. ananassae.
Singh, B.N. Studies on the fecundity of D. alanassae.
Sondergaard, L. Studies on the behavior of the paralytic mutant Out-coldts.
Spofford, J.B. Variegation for dm in Dp(1;3)N264-58.
Springer, R. Light-independent mating, probably a dominant character of behaviour in D. subobscura.
Sreerama Reddy, G. and N.B. Krishnarnurthy. Photomap of the salivary gland chromosomes of D. ananassae.
Stark, W.S. and A.W. Clark. Visual synaptic structure in normal and blind Drosophila.
Stark, W.S. and G.S. Wasserman. Erratum in previous note.
Steiner, W.W.M., W.E. Johnson and H.L. Carson. Molecular differentiation in D. grimshawi.
Stewart, B. and J.R. Merriam. Segmental aneuploidy of the X chromosome.
Subbarao, S.K., P. Szabo and O. Uhlenbeck Visualization of poly rA:dT hybrids in the mitochondrial genome of D. melanogaster.
Sulerud, R.L. Two types of sensitivity to carbon dioxide in D. affinis.
Takikawa, S. Eye pigments of D. melanogaster.
Thompson, J.N., Jr. A new suppressor of veinlet and comments on two other vein mutants.
Tracey, M.L., O. Pavlovsky and M.M. Green. A frequency estimate.
Tsusue, N. Metabolism of eye pigments in mutant sepia of D. melanogaster.
Vaidya, V.G. and N.N. Godbole. First report of genus Chymomyza (Drosophilidae) from India: Chymomyzapararufithorax sp. nov.
Van Valen, L. A method that might estimate age in Drosophila.
Varma, M.B. and M. Sanjeeva Rao. Studies on the genetic effects induced in Drosophila melanogaster cultured on irradiated glucose medium.
Vidyavathi, T. and M. SanjeevaRao. Induction of mutations in D. melanogaster with Deuterium and gamma rays.
Vogel, E. Strain variations in response to certain indirect mutagens in D. melanogaster.
Wheeler, L.L., A.S. Capps and F.D. Wilson. The heterochromatic chromosome of D.nasutoides.
Williamson, J.H. Y66d: A Y chromosome with two nucleolar regions.
Williamson, R.L. and W.D. Kaplan.A duplication that causes leg shaking.
Woodruff, R.C. and .J. Bortolozzi. Induction of mutations in D. melanogaster by 2-nitrosofluorene (a frameshift mutagen in prokaryotes).
Wright, C.P. Oxygen consumption in Tyroproless-1, l(1)EN14, a lethal mutant of D. melanogaster.
Zhimulev, I.F. Comparison of puffing patterns in proximal and distal parts of the salivary gland in D. melanogaster.
Zhimulev, I.F. Description of a new type of secretion in the larval salivary gland of D. melanogaster.
Ziegler, R. and H. Emmerich. Phosphorylation of chromosomal proteins in D. hydei.

Breugel, F.M.A.van. A simple method of injecting larvae of Drosophila avoiding ether treatment.
Félix, R. A motorized waterflow device designed for continuous hard work and rapid washing of countless vials and culture containers.
Félix, R. Multi-purpose medium for Drosophila cultures used in teaching or research.
Frankham, R. Instant mashed potato as a fly food.
Gassparian, S. A simpler method for the separation of larvae of D. melanogaster.
Guest, W.C. and T.C. Hsu. A new technique for preparing Drosophila neuroblast chromosomes.
Kirshbaum, W.F. Feulgen stain with hydrolysis at room temperature of D. melanogaster salivary gland chromosomes.
Lumme, J. and P. Lankinen. An apparatus for recording the eclosion rhythm of Drosophila.
Merriam, J.R. On setting up a lab and kitchen.
Merriam, J.R. and B. Howard. Mite control with caffeine in Drosophila food.
Mollet, P. and F.E. Würgier. An apparatus to inject large numbers of Drosophila with constant amounts of fluid within a short time.
Moree, R., C.Z. Pakonen and N.E. Balkin. Attempts to improve triple balancer strains.
Muhs, H.-J. Good resolution of a modified micromethod of starch gel electrophoresis on slides used in large series with selection lines of D. melanogaster.
Mulley, J.C. Successive enzyme staining on acrylamide gels.
Nash, W.G., T.B. Friedman and C.R. Merril. An improved ovitron: A means of collecting large quantities of timed embryos.
Selker, H.P. and J.H. Postlethwait. Electrophoretic separation and detection of nonenzymatic proteins from single flies.

Hedgley, E.J. and N.J. Lamb. An alternative to ether.
Anxolabehere, D. and G. Periquet. Experimental and simulated evolution in teaching population genetics: An approach through computer assisted instruction.