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Volume 55 (January 1980)

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Abedin, K., S. McNam, D. Osterbur and W.W.M. Steiner. Studies on the effect of temperature on fitness and fecundity at the Esterase-6 locus in D. melanogaster.

Albornoz, J. and J. Rubio. Location of a region controlling the suppression of normal bristles in D. melanogaster.

Anderson, S., M. Santos and J. McDonald. Comparative study of the thermostability of crude and purified preparations of alcohol dehydrogenase (EC from D. melanogaster.

Bewley, G.C. and S. Lubinsky. Toxicity to the dietary administration of hydrogenperoxide in acatalasemic Drosophila.

Bos, M. and A.C. Boerema. Oviposition preferences in six Drosophila melanogaster-subgroup species.

Boulétreau, M. and C. Biémont. Reproductive potential of a Hymenopteran parasite of D. melanogaster.

Bournais-Variabasis, N. and M. Bowes. Cell death in the tumorous head mutant of D. melanogaster.

Bownes, M. and M. Seiler. UV irradiation of Drosophila embryos.

Bregliano, J .C., A. Bucheton, J .M. Lavige, A. Pélisson and G. Picar. Hybrid dysgenesis in D. melanogaster: the I-R system.

Brncic, D. and M. Budnik. Colonization of D. subobscura Collin in Chile.

Bryant, M.L. and M.R. Murnik. The mutagenicity of herbicides in D. melanogaster.

Bulyzhenkov, V.E. and V.I. Ivanov. Expression of Antennapedia50 in triploid D. melanogaster.

Calvez, C. Reduced mitotic activity in anterior and posterior follicle cells of the egg-chamber of D. melanogaster.

Carlson, E., P. Ferriola and E. Schuchm. Pseudoallelism at the vestigial locus.

Choo, J.K. Genetic change of Korean natural populations of D. melanogaster.

Clyde, M. The chromosomes of Drosophila rubra Sturtevant.

Clyde, M. Chromosome IV variation in D. albomicans Duda.

Comendador, M.A. Abnormal bristles that show maternal inheritance in D. simulans.

Creus, A. and R. Macos. Relationship between mating speed and duration of copulation in D. melanogaster.

David, J .R., M. De Scheemaker-Louis and E. Pla. Evolution in the seven species of the D. melanogaster subgroup: comparison of the electrophoretic mobility of the enzymes produced by the Adh locus.

Davis, B.K. Mutants which cause abnormal rotation of the abdomen or genitalia.

Davis, B.K. A new twist on an old mutant.

De Salle, R., J.S. Yoon and L.H. Throckmorton. Karyotypes of two new species of the virilis group of Drosophila.

Dewees, A.A. Lethal-bearing genomes from a Texas population of D. melanogaster.

Diamantopoulou-Panopoulou, E. Estimation of Nem by allelism method in D. subobscura.

Diamantopoulou-Panopoulou, E. and H. Bacoulas. "Sex ratio" in D. obscura.

Doane, W.W. Midgut amylase activity patterns in Drosophila: nomenclature.

Espinet, S. and M.L. Tracey. Detection of differences in the element patterning of D. melanogaster mating behavior.

Fadda, S., S. Sangiorgi and E. Pieragostini. G6PD electrophoretic phenotype variation during development of D. melanogaster laboratory populations.

Fleuriet, A. Analysis of a polymorphism quite common in French natural populations of D. melanogaster.

Fontdevila, A., W.T. Starmer, W.B. Heed and J.S. Russell. Differential mating activity in two co-existing species of Drosophila.

Gamo, S., M. Ogaki and E. Nakshima-Tanak. Anesthetics resistance in D. melanogaster.

Gausz, J., A.A.M. Awadand H. Gyurkovics. New deficiencies for the kar locus of D. melanogaster.

Gayathri, M. V. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Preliminary studies on the effects of a mercurial fungicide Ceresan on fecundity in D. melanogaster.

Gershenson, S. Additional data on putative insertion mutations in wild populations of D. melanogaster.

Golubovsky, M.D. and I.K. Zakhaov. Simultaneous reversions of two sex-linked unstable mutations.

Grant, S. and E. Rapport. The effect of lactamide on the mutant eyeless2.

Guillet, C. Mitochondrial activity during metamorphosis in D. melanogaster.

Gunawan, B. and J.S.F. Barker. Adult viability of D. buzzatii in stress environments.

Hardy, R.W. Crystal aggregates in the primary spermatocytes of XO males in D. melanogaster.

Hardy, R.W. and J.A. Kennison. Identification of a small Y chromosome region responsible for meiocyte and spermatid abnormalities typically observed in XO males.

Hawley, R.S. Radiation-induced nondisjunction in females homozygous In(1)sc8.

Hazelrigg, T. and T .C. Kaufman. Newly induced mutations of doublesex.

Hazra, S.K., J. Banerjee and S.K. Sen. Location and nature of white-ivory (wi) in the white locus of D. melanogaster.

Hedrick, P.W. and E. Murray. Competition between D. melanogaster and D. simulans from natural populations.

Hegde, S.N. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Studies on the Drosophila fauna from three localities of Maharastra State: India.

Henikoff, S. A more conventional view of the "ebony" gene.

Hodgetts, R.B. A cytogenetic description of three duplications in which portions of proximal 2L have been inserted into the Y-chromosome.

Ingham, P.W. Genetic analysis of trithorax, trx, a new homoeotic mutant of D. melanogaster.

Itoh, K. Lack of chromosomal polymorphism and low frequencies of unique inversions in D. simulans.

Jallon, J .-M. and Y. Hotta. A proposal for a new genetic scheme to hunt for sex-appealless mutants of D. melanogaster.

Jha, A.P., B.N. Paney and D.N. Mishra. Substrate specificities of alcohol dehydrogenase- in Drosophila.

Joiner, M. and J.S. Johnston. Determination of exact age in Drosophila.

Kaji, S. and Y. Ushioda. The duration of cell cycle in the development of the Bar eye disc cells in vitro.

Kamping, A. and W. Van Delden. The Adhnl mutant of D. melanogaster.

Katoh, S. and Y. Aria. Configurational determination of neopterin from sepia mutant of D. melanogaster.

Kaur, P. and R. Parkash. Ontogeny of esterase in Zaprionus paravittiger.

Kaurov, B.A. The effect of trypsin on "survivability" of imaginal disks ofD. melanogaster.

Kaurov, B.A. Manifestation of mutation singed on the homoeotic limbs, caused by the action of homoeotic mutations Nasobemia and aristapedia at different temperatures.

Kemphues, K.J. and T.C. Kaufman. Two-dimensional gel analysis of total proteins from X/O, X/Y, X/Y/Y, X/Ys and X/YL testes from D. melanogaster.

Kerver, J.W.M. and R. Bijlsma. The effect of DDT on the activity of the pentosephosphate cycle in D. melanogaster.

King, R.C. and B.D. Buckles. Three mutations blocking early steps in Drosophila oogenesis: fs(4)34, fs(2)A16, and fs(1)231M.

Kiss, I. and J. Szabad. Characteristics of some new X-linked pupal lethals of D. melanogaster.

Köhler, W., J. Krause and A. Michutta. Heritability of phototactic behavior inDrosophila.

Krause, J., A. Michutta and W. Köhler. Oviposition preferences in D. melanogaster.

Krimbas, C.B. and M. Louks. Chromosomal homologies among four Drosophila species.

Lawlor, T.A. Genetic and cytological localization of mei-9.

Lee, T.J. Sexual isolation among four species in the D. auraria complex.

Leigh Brown, A.J. Molecular weights of seven Drosophila enzymes.

Lewis, R.A., T .C. Kaufma and R.E. Denell. Genetic analysis of the Antennapedia gene complex (ANT-C): mutant screen of proximal 3R, section 84B-D.

Lindsley, D.E., L.S.B. Goldstein and L. Sandler. Male sterility in maternal-effect mutants.

Loverre, A. and R. Cicchetti. A male-specific lethal gene in D. melanogaster.

Majumar, D. and A.S. Mukherjee. Morphogenetic expression of a reversible Bar-inversion of D. melanogaster.

Malogolowkin-Cohen, Ch. Inversion polymorphism in D. subobscura in Israel.

Malogolowkin-Cohen, Ch. The distribution of D. subobscura in relation to other species in Israel.

Marcos, R. and A. Creus. Predictive value of heritability estimates.

Marengo, N.P. The ultrastructure of normal and "rotated" prepupal muscles ofD. melanogaster.

Maroni, G. A duplication of Adh in association with Sco.

Maóy, P., K. Koczka, É. Fekete And J. Vargha. Molting hormone titer of D. melanogaster larvae.

Mather, W.B. and G. Balwin. Inversions in two species of Drosophila from the River Kwai, Thailand.

Mather, W.B. and P. Thongmeearom. Chromosome map of D. albomicans.

Mather, W.B., W.R. Knibb and G. Balwin. Inversions in D. sulfurigaster albostrigata from the River Kwai, Thailand.

Mglinetz, V.A. Bristle phenotype of split flies contradicts the hypothesis of quantal mitoses.

Mglinetz, V.A. Interaction of homoeotic mutations Pc2 and Cbx.

Mglinetz, V.A. Temperature-sensitive period (TSP) of lethal action of split (spl) in D. melanogaster.

Michinomae, M., S. Shindo and S. Kai. Patterns of acid phosphatase during the development of D. melanogaster.

Michutta, A., J. Krause And W. Köhler. Reproductive fitness in exchange lines of a selected photonegative strain and its control.

Mikasa, K. and T. Narise. The relation between dispersive behavior and temperature. II. Sex difference.

Milkman, R. Thermostability variation in D. melanogaster allozymes.

Nagarj, H.J. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Drosophila fauna of Dandeli and Ambikanagar.

Nagaraj, H.J. And N.B. Krishnamurthy. Effect of crowding and temperature on the rate of development in D. nasuta.

Narise, S. and M. Sasaki. Thermal stability difference among alpha-Gpdh allozymes from D. virilis.

Nissani, M. Brain transplantation and behavior.

Nöthiger, R., M. Roost and T. Schüpbach. "Masculinizer" is an allele of "doublesex".

Ogaki, M., H. Nabata, E. Nakshima-Tanak and S. Gamo. Ether sensitivity at embryonic stage of D. melanogaster.

Ohnishi, S. and R.A. Voelker. Genetic mapping of hexokinase-C in D. simulans.

O’Tousa, J. and P. Szauter. The initial characterization of non-claret disjunctional(ncd): evidence that cand is the double mutant, cancd.

Paik, Y.K. and K.C. Sung. Chromosome inversions in Korean populations ofD. melanogaster.

Pinsker, W. Relation between effective population size and allozyme polymorphism in D. subsilvestris and D. subobscura.

Pinsker, W. Sterility in D. subobscura males homozygous in a rare allele at the alpha-Gpdh locus.

Prakash, H.S. and Sreerama Reddy, G. Distribution of different species ofDrosophila in Agumbe (Western Ghats), South India.

Rahman, R. and D.L. Lindsley. Effect of proximal X-chromosome deletions on male fertility.

Ramshaw, J.A.M. and J.A. Coyne. Is secondary modification primarily responsible for observed enzyme polymorphism? No!

Ransom, R. Investigation of temperature sensitivity in three eye mutations.

Rasmuson, B. and I. Montell. Genetic instability and the production of transposing elements in D. melanogaster.

Richmond, R.C. Temperature and dessication tolerance in four species of the affinis subgroup.

Richmond, R.C. Effects of temperature and humidity stress on genotype distribution at six allozyme loci.

Robertson, A. Quantitative variation on the fourth chromosome of D. melanogaster.

Romans, P. Gene conversion in mei-9a, a crossover defective mutant in D. melanogaster.

Romans, P. Effects of purine selection on survival of Drosophila mosaic for Xanthine Dehydrogenase (:XDH) activity.

Schärer, E. Brief ecological notes on Drosophila collections from Berlin.

Schuchman, E., A. Port and E.A. Carlson. Mutagenesis of the vestigial regionof D. melanogaster.

Schuppe, N.G., T.V. Syrota and V.T. Kakpakov. Turnover of ribosomal RNA in the course of D. melanogaster development.

Schuppe, N.G., T.V. Syrota, N.G. Nosova and V.T. Kakpakov. Protein-synthesizing activity of Drosophila ribosomes containing rRNA with hidden breaks.

Smith, C.M., J.N. Thompson, Jr., and R.C. Woodruff. An attempt to transmit male recombination activity by non-genetic means.

Stein, S.P. and E.A. Carson. Mosaicism of eye color induced in mature sperm of D. melanogaster.

Tsakas, S. and E. Diamantopoulou-Panopoulou. Is the "hidden heat sensitive polymorphism" (crude extract) polymorphism of the structural examined locus in all cases? Experiments with D. subobscura.

Wakimoto, B.T., R.A. Lewis and T.C. Kaufman. Genetic analysis of the Antennapedia gene complex: mutant screen of proximal 3R, bands 84A-84Bl.

Watabe, H., E. Momm and M.T. Kimura. Changes in drosophilid fauna at the University Botanical Garden in Sapporo, Japan.

Weiss, R.L. The inhibition of fertilization in D. melanogaster under the influence of sodium tungstate.

Welter, R.J. and J.F. McDonald. A search for third-chromosome ADH active loci.

Wicker, C. and J .R. David. Preliminary characterization of a Beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase from D. melanogaster adults.

Zhimulev, I.F. and O.V. Ilyina. Localization and some characteristics of sbr in D. melanogaster.



Bélo, M. and P.M. Lacava. Box for testing nutritional preferences (yeasts) in Drosophila.

Bock, I.R. and P .A. Parsons. Culture methods for species of the Drosophila (Scaptodrosophila) coracina group.

Cobel-Geard, S .R. and H. Gay. A new simplified method for the preparation of neuroblast mitotic chromosomes from D. melanogaster.

Crossley, S. and J. McDonald. A method for permanently recording courtship song and courtship behavior simultaneously in Drosophila.

De Jong, F. and G.E.W. Thörig. A simple test for intra-electromorphic variants of alcohol dehydrogenase in D. melanogaster.

Gupta, A.P. A new technique for collecting Drosophila eggs.

Johnson, P. and D.E. Cowling. A courtship song simulator for Drosophila.

Johnston, J.S. Hawaiian Drosophila with colored headlamps: a new mark-recapture technique.

Keltner, L. Low temperature enhancement of fluorescence as an aid in chromosome banding.

Loukas, M. and C.B. Krimbas. Isozyme techniques in D. subobscura.

Lumme, J. An efficient instrument to measure freezing points of insects.

Mahowald, A.P. Improved method for dissecting late ovarian stages.

Majumdar, D. and A.S. Mukherjee. Culture of Drosophila salivary glands.

Milanovíc, M. And W.W. Doane. Affinity chromatographic purification of amylase from Drosophila species.

Mittler, S., K. Schroeder and D. Wilson. Aspergillus flavus producer of mutagen and carcinogen aflatoxin can contaminate laboratory corneal-molasses-agar media.

Molnár, I. and I. Kiss. An easy method for rearing axenic Drosophila lines.

Nöthiger, R. And C. Labhart. A self-amplifying system for mass collection of unfertilized eggs.

Parente, A. and R. Arking. A convenient method of collecting moderately large numbers of eggs from D. melanogaster.

Pasic, T.R. And H. Nickla. A BASIC program for construction of fate maps.

Sawicki, J.A. and W.W. Doane.Preparation of "small" polytene chromosomes for cytological analysis.

Shearn, A. Reintroduction of y+ onto a TM3 chromosome.

Takamura, T. Multi-roomed, multi-purpose chamber for Drosophila.

Valentin, J. A reasonably priced automatic medium dispenser.

Williamson, R.L. A notation for genetic mosaics.



Bryant, S.H. Salivary preparations from D. pseudoobscura.

Klug, W.S., G. Nicholls and T.W. Kottke. Drosophila transmission genetics computer package.

Pye, Q. New white-eyed Drosophila "unknown" stocks for genetics laboratory courses.

Pye, Q., D. Knipple and R. MacIntyre. Construction of segmental deficiency stocks from Y-autosome translocation stocks.

Sved, J.A. A computer program which saves on cooking and washing up.

Wright, C.P. A method for transferring etherized flies into a container of active flies.