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Volume 89 (December 2006)

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     King, R.C., Wm.D. Stansfield, and P.K. Mulligan. A Dictionary of Genetics, 7th Ed.

Research Notes

Araripe, L.O., N. Eckstrand, D. Hartl, and Y. Tao. Flanking regions of P-elements inserted in the 3rd chromosome of Drosophila mauritiana.

D’Avila, M.F., E.L.S. Loreto, F.P. Torres, R.N. Garcia, and V.L.S. Valente. Molecular investigation of white-like mutants in Drosophila willistoni.

De Toni, D.C., M.A. Loureiro, P.R.P. Hofmann, and V.L.S. Valente. Reference photomap of the salivary gland polytene chromosomes of Drosophila neomorpha (Streisinger, 1946).

Franco, F.F., A.L.H. Esguicero, E.C.C. Silva-Bernardi, F.M. Sene, and M.H. Manfrin. Interspecific divergence in the wing morphology of females from cactophilic species of Drosophila buzzatii cluster.

Golubkova, E.V., S. Nokkala, and L. Mamon. The nuclear export factor gene small bristles (sbr) is involved in the control of early embryonic mitoses in Drosophila melanogaster.

Guru Prasad, B.R., and S.N. Hegde. Altitudinal and seasonal fluctuation of Drosophila fauna of Chamundi hill.

Guru Prasad, B.R., and S.N. Hegde. Altitudinal variation of morphometric traits of Drosophila malerkotliana of Chamundi hill.

Hallman, C. Anecdotal example of a newly-eclosed female caught in copulation.

Haskins, M., and W.S. Stark. Drosophila melanogaster lack R7/8 mediated phototaxis in mutants lacking rhodopsin in R1-6 photoreceptors in the compound eye.

Ilinsky, Y.Y., and I.K. Zakharov. Genetic correlation between types of mtDNA of Drosophila melanogaster and genotypes of its primary endosymbiont, Wolbachia.

Ilinsky, Y.Y., and I.K. Zakharov. Wolbachia in populations of Drosophila melanogaster.

Inoue, Y., and M. Watada. A new incipient polymorphic inversion, In(2R)O, in D. melanogaster Japanese populations.

Kitagawa, H.T. Sequence analyses of the acid phosphatase gene (Acph-1) from D. virilis and a comparison with the Acph-2. Gene expression may be regulated by repeated sequences.

Kondrashov, T.A., B. Hollis, D. Houle, and A.S. Kondrashov. Loss-of-function alleles of the gene garnet appear to be lethal.

Morgan, E., and R.C. Woodruff. A significant increase in the rate of new deleterious mutations following interspecies crowding of Drosophila melanogaster by Drosophila simulans.

Munoz-Descalzo, S., Y. Belacortu, and N. Paricio. Phenotypic analysis of split ends (spen) overexpression in Drosophila.

Ortiz-Barrientos, D., E.T. Watson, and M.A.F. Noor. Ethanol attraction and survival in adult Drosophila pseudoobscura.

Perez, M.M., J. Schachter, and L.A. Quesada-Allue. Different response to infection in Drosophila melanogaster, Ceratitis capitata, and Tenebrio molitor.

Perez, M., A. Rabossi, J. Schachter, L. Pujol-Lereis, A. Filiberti, C.E. Argarana, and L.A. Quesada-Allue. Cuticle sclerotization in pharate adult and imago of Drosophila melanogaster, Ceratitis capitata, and Haematobia irritans.

Petersen, N.S., E. Karina, and K. Manninen. CG32130, starvin, is expressed as a heat shock gene in Drosophila melanogaster.

Prado, P.R.R., M.H. Manfrin, L.F. Costa, and F.M. Sene. Courtship sound analysis in Drosophila mercatorum subspecies.

Pujol-Lereis, L., A. Rabossi, A. Filiberti, C.E. Argarana, and L.A. Quesada-Allue. D. melanogaster and Haematobia irritans are more sensitive to Phloxine B phototoxicity than Ceratitis capitata.

Ramos, R., and J. Mohler. Hyperexpression of the C subunit of CCAAT-box binding factor NF-Y specifically blocks ci transcription in the Drosophila wing imaginal disk.

Roque, F., R. Figueiredo, and R. Tidon. Nine new records of drosophilids in the Brazilian savanna.

Sidorov, R.A., K.I. Kirsanov, E.G. Ugnivenko, E.M. Khovanova, and G.A. Belitsky. Pifithrin-β potentiates somatic mutagenesis and tumor growth in D. melanogaster.

Sosin, D.V., O.V. Kretova, and N.A. Tchurikov. The identification of a silencer element in the cut locus of Drosophila melanogaster located 73 and 96 kb upstream from the promoters of the locus.

Soto, I., C. Corio, J.J. Fanara, and E. Hasson. First record of Zaprionus indianus Gupta, 1970 (Diptera, Drosophilidae) in Argentina.

Upadhyay, K., and B.K. Singh. Drosophilid fauna so far described and recorded from Kumaon region, Uttaranchal, India.

Upadhyay, K., and B.K. Singh. Variation in abdominal pigmentation pattern of Leucophenga angulata Singh, Dash and Fartyal from Kumaon region, India.

Vaulin, O.V., and I.K. Zakharov. Nucleotide sequence variability of Adh gene of Drosophila melanogaster in the populations of Eurasia.

Vaulin, O.V., T.Y. Zharikov, L.I. Gunderina, and I.K. Zakharov. Variability and differentiation of genomic DNA in the Drosophila melanogaster populations of Russia and Ukraine.

Technique Notes

Bussel, I. Population cage recombination techniques.

Cao, J., B.J. Pellock, K. White, and L.A. Raftery. A commercial phospho-Smad antibody detects endogenous BMP signaling in Drosophila tissues.

DiMario, P., R. Rosby, and Z. Cui. Direct visualization of GFP-fusion proteins on polytene chromosomes.

Graham, P., J. Thompson, K. Griswold, P. Schedl, and R. Pulak. Sorting and collecting females from males at high speed.

Katewa, S.D., R.G. Melvin, and J.W.O. Ballard. Comparison of methods and body parts for estimation of hydrogen peroxide production by isolated mitochondria from Drosophila simulans.

Mitchell, K.J., and B.E. Staveley. Protocol for the detection and analysis of cell death in the adult Drosophila brain.

Piergentili, R. A simple method to prepare DNA fibres in the male germ line.

Roberts, J.F., and C.-Q. Lai. A method for collecting dead flies from a vial containing live flies, without anesthetization.

Sorrentino, R.P., and R.A. Schulz. A protocol for determining circulating hemocyte concentration of individual tumorous Drosophila larvae.

Stute, C., D. Kesper, A. Holz, D. Buttgereit, and R. Renkawitz-Pohl. Establishment of cell type specific Gal4-driver lines for the mesoderm of Drosophila.

Mutation Notes

Arauz, P.A., E. Salo, F. Mestres, and L. Serra. New wing and eye mutations in D. subobscura.

Fisher, B., B. Pfeiffer, R. Weiszmann, P. Spellman, J. Gray, and S. Celniker. Cell lethal mutations associated with the Drosophila homolog of CRK-7.

O’Brien, J., and S. Mazzalupo. Two new mutants from an EMS screen of D. erecta.

Orgogozo, V., and D.L. Stern. Thirty-three new mutations in D. simulans.

Teaching Notes

Thompson, J.N., jr., C.N. Hallman, J.J. Hellack, and R.C. Woodruff. Measuring natural selection using alcohol dehydrogenase alleles.

Zhang, M., and R.C. Woodruff. Confirmation of the Bateman’s principle: a sexual selection exercise.

Other Reports

47th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Houston, Texas

The Drosophila Board