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  NCORE 2006 Program Cover: Blues People in Grant Park by Dale Washington API Caucus   

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Blues People in Grant Park

COVER ART: Blues People in Grant Park, a 33" X 23" collage painting by Dale Washington in Chicago. Dale Washington tells both his story and our contemporary history through the series of drawings, paintings, and assemblages that he has produced since the late 1980s. Each of Dale's final images, no matter how abstracted or reduced it might appear, is from a sketch duly recorded at the time of his observation. His body of work is a discourse on how to see the line, the color, the energy and the motion of that which is around us. As an artist, Dale is the proverbial enigma. He defies expectations and so called standard mockings of what art is supposed to be. Instead he evolves the practice and levity of art as life's pronouncement and reason. He understands the importance of the artist knowing and living with his own voice. The power here is in the significance of creating and continuing to create art works. Many collectors have hailed him as one of the most prolific artists of this time. His work is celebrated by a great number of collectors and his contribution to this life is truly a grand celebration of freedom. Dale Washington has a master's hand in the control of many artistic media and techniques. Courtesy of Hearne Fine Art, Little Rock Arkansas