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  NCORE 2001 Program Cover: Cultural Pattern, Born Again by Patsy Surh O'Connell API Caucus   


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Cultural Pattern, Born Again

Cultural Pattern, Born Again, 1999 by Patsy Surh O'Connell. The painting is intended to depict Asian traditional culture being reborn and preserved like a re-generated hybrid plan that always includes the old within the new. Patsy Surh O'Connell was born in Shanghai, China, of Korean parents, and lived there in Seoul, Korea, before coming to San Francisco in 1963. She later lived and studied painting in Japan and Okinawa for 12 years.

The artist's speciality is transparent watercolor combining contemporary and Asian traditional styles. Patsy has shown her work extensively in the Pacific Northwest, where she now makes her home. She is president of the Asian Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma, Washington.

This painting is part of Patsy's series addressing cultural issues and personal issues such as, "where I come from and why my life is in America." These recurring and ever-evolving themes are found in all her work. Courtesy of The Wing Luke Asian Museum—Seattle, Washington.

Cultural Pattern appeared on the Program Guide for NCORE 2001 (Seattle).