June 19, 2000

Executive Committee
Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies

c/o Drs. David Tan and Silas Law

To The Executive Committee:

The Steering Committee of the Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus of the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (APINCORE) would like to thank Dr. Maggie Abudu and the Executive Committee of NCORE for the past support of the Asian Pacific American Caucus. In recognition of that positive association, we would like to continue a strong relationship with the planners. Therefore, APINCORE requests formal recognition by the NCORE Executive Committee. We envisage formal recognition to be a letter from the Executive Committee acknowledging the formation of an APINCORE Steering Committee, as well as its goals and duties.

We believe that formal recognition of the APINCORE Steering Committee allows us to enhance the number of Asian-Pacific Islander participants in NCORE, encourages continuous participation of our members and expands the network of speakers, vendors and other related conference resources.

Formal recognition also provides a mechanism and structure that facilitates purposeful growth (e.g., transfer of leadership, transmission of a historical context of APINCORE, agreement on ways of operating, etc.). We feel these changes expand our ability to fully participate in, and facilitate, the mission of NCORE.

We have organized a steering committee and are developing a committee structure. Committee members include students, faculty and administrators. The APINCORE members represent a wide geographic cross section. Co-chairs with overlapping periods of service have been appointed to help organize the committee's efforts.

The current objectives of APINCORE include the following:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider our proposal.


APINCORE Steering Committee Co-Chairs

APINCORE Steering Committee

NCORE Asian American Board Members