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Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
Promoting & Empowering Asian & Pacific Islander Americans


  NCORE 2005 Program Cover: Times Square Crossing by Suzanne Hodes API Caucus   

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TIme Square Crossing

1998, Oil/Collage-Mixed Media on canvas, 44x36 inches, by Suzanne Hodes. We each see the world through the bias or lens of our own individual experience. Suzanne tries to capture this flux of shifting aspects and perceptions through her paintings. Technically, she is interested in the combination of opposites: fluid form with accurate drawing, energetic surface with atmospheric wash. Often Suzanne uses optical reflections in which changes of form and color suggest the ambiguity of our perception. For many years Suzanne attempted to portray her experience of city life. She was drawn to collage and collage-like images that combine disparate and unexpected elements, in hopes that these impressions may reveal multiple perceptions and interpretations; also to suggest associations of time and memory, and the relationship and interaction of images, both past and present, in an attempt to mirror the workings of the mind. Courtesy of The Joan Whalen Fine Art.