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Leader Summit

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Leader Summit


Leader Summit 2024 will be held Saturday, January 27th!

Leader Summit is an annual on-campus leadership conference experience for current and aspiring leaders. It is a day full of keynote speakers, presentations, and engaging small group activities.

The registration fee for students is $25 and includes conference programs, long-sleeve t-shirt, breakfast, lunch & snacks.

This event is open to the first 400 students to register, pay and pick up their t-shirt. 

Hosted by: Leadership & Volunteerism, Student Life, Alumni Association, and Student Affairs.
Presented annually by: The Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma
Additional Sponsors: Housing & Food, Sooner Parents, and Coca-Cola

Register here

View the 2023 Leader Summit video below!

Past Leader Summit Speakers

Click through the years below to see your favorite authors, speakers, magicians, and more that have been featured at Leader Summit! 

Kevin Deshazo | Speaker, Author, & Consultant

Regina Ray Lane | Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Mike Beckham | Co-Founder & CEO, Simple Modern

Ron Bolen | Associate Professor, Price College of Business

See photos!

Kevin Carroll | Author & Speaker

Sherri Coale | Hall of Fame Coach & Writer

Daren Wilson | Nonprofit CEO

See photos!

Austin Kleon | Author & Speaker

Selah Hirsch | Consultant

David Burkus | Author & Speaker

Chika Nwanebu | Student

Brandon Oldham | OU Alumni 

See photos!

Dr. Rita Murray  | Educational Psychologist and Speaker

Jeff Kaylor | Magician and Speaker

Drew Hill | OU Student

Barron Ryan | Pianist 

Conner Copeland | OU Student

Rhonda Kyncl | OU Faculty

See photos!

Jess Ekstrom | Headbands of Hope

Jeff Kaylor | Magician and Speaker

Michael Hirsch | Loveworks

Chris Zervas | Leadership Consultant/Speaker

Bob Okello | OU Student

Sehrish Shahabuddin | OU Student

See photos!

Duane Cummings | CEO of Leadercast

Shana Compton | Speaker

Adrian Buendia | Entrepreneur 

Tiffani Bates | OU Staff Member

Brandon Brooks | Nonprofit Leader

EJ Carrion | Speaker and Entrepreneur

See photos!

Jon Gordon | Author & Speaker

Michael Giesecke | OU Staff

Rhonda Kyncl | OU Administrator

Kylie Frisby | OU Student

Chris Flicks | OU Student

Ashley Leisten | OU Student

See photos!

Drum Café

Brad Lomenick | Author & Speaker – OU Alum

Joel Manby | Former CEO, Author & Speaker

See photos!

Kevin Carroll | Author & Speaker

Eric Saperston | Author & Speaker

See photos!

Jon Vroman | Speaker

Tim Elmore | Author & Speaker – Growing Leaders

EJ Carrion | Author & Speaker – OU Alum

Jan Astani | OU Alum

Mark Nehrenz | OU Alum

See photos!

Sean Griffin | Artist & Entrepreneur

Christy Brown | Author & Speaker – Dave Ramsey Organization

Josh Woodward | Google – OU Alum

Bill Moore | Performance Consultant

Casey Partridge | OU Staff

Drum Café

Nancy Barry | Author & Speaker

Marlon Smith | Speaker

Karen Hill | Consultant & Speaker – OU Alum

Cristina Filippo | Consultant & Speaker

Andy Paden | OU Alum

Claire Berger | Comedian

Tom Krieglstein | Speaker – Swift Kick

Steve Kime | Speaker

Jan Hargrave | Body Language Expert & Speaker

Chris Howard | OU Administrator

Kerri Shadid & Annie Beabout

Michael Giesecke | OU Staff

Keith Hawkins

Marcus Bivines | OU Alum

Quy Nguyen | OU Staff

Kari Dawkins | OU Staff

Brian Ringer | OU Staff

Zac Stevens | OU Staff

Judson Laipply | Speaker

Jonathan Sprinkles | Speaker

Renee Grau | OU Alum

LeeAnn Bratten | OU Alum

Dirk O’Hara | OU Alum

Jeff Hickman | OU Alum

Malinda Williams | OU Staff

Bette Scott | OU Staff

Stacy Schrank | Speaker

Jim Friedemann | Speaker

Mark Rose | OU Staff

Diana Hartley | OU Alum


Rennie Cook | OU Staff

Kimberly Rutland | OU Staff

Kristen Partridge | OU Staff

Twila Smith | OU Staff

Allison Stanford | OU Staff

Lori Stevens | OU Staff

Stacy Berry | OU Staff

Matt Hamilton | OU Staff

Kristen Collins | OU Alum

Becky Barker | OU Staff

Jill Hughes | OU Alum