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Student Heroes

Welcome to OU Student Heroes! We make positive change in the Norman community by identifying problems and implementing sustainable solutions through the use of student-led projects. OU Student Heroes empowers students to grow their network, learn a variety of skills, and leave a legacy at OU and in the city of Norman.


Student Heroes was started in August 2017 by student leaders who believe college students have great potential to bring solution-based service to local communities. Starting out with 10 members and 3 projects, we now have over 200 members and 20 service and research projects.


Our mission is to empower students to see problems as limitless opportunities for positive change. We aim to create a real-world sustainable impact by fostering a community passionate about service. This begins by building an open, dynamic, and growth-oriented team culture.


  1. Identify problems in the community by researching and talking to nonprofits, schools, and citizens
  2. Create project aimed at determining and implementing solution
  3. Find student leaders on campus with expertise and passion about issue to become a project leader
  4. Join members to project based on interest, time availability and major
  5. Create actionable solution with implementation plan
  6. Follow through on implementation of solution


  • Research & identify problems in the Norman community
  • Create & implement student-led solutions in project-based format
  • Evaluate impact of solutions using sustainable measures
  • Create mentoring environment to enhance students’ problem-solving, leadership, and collaboration skills
  • Measure the impact of students’ relationship with their community

Research Projects

  • Consent Education
    What: Follow-up from last semester’s Rape Kit Reform research project: create and implement curriculum for consent education program for high school students.
    Where: Norman High School
    When: Monday afternoons

  • Environmental Sustainability: Campus Composting
    What: Research, advocate for, and implement feasible and sustainable composting practices at the University of Oklahoma.
    Where: OU Norman Campus
    When: Tuesday nights

  • Consulting for Zeki Learning (Client)
    What: Conduct research to create final presentation and deliverable on how to penetrate ideal market of Zeki Learning, non profit which employs refugee and low-income women in the West Bank to craft children’s educational materials.
    Where: Research meetings held 2x/week at OU Norman Campus
    When: TBD

Service Projects

  • Tech Teachers Kennedy
    What: Students teach the basics of coding, robotics, and other new technologies (no tech expertise required)
    Where: Kennedy Elementary
    When: Fridays 12-1 p.m.

  • Tech Teachers Truman
    What: Students teach the basics of 3D printing to 3rd-5th grade students
    Where: Truman Elementary
    When: Fridays 12:30-2:30 p.m.

  • Food Security
    What: Students collect food and other items at area grocery stores
    Where: Area grocery stores
    When: Saturday mornings 9 a.m. - Noon

  • Public Health Class
    What: Put on an interactive, student-led public health discussion class with kids at Whittier Middle School
    Where: Whittier Middle School
    When: Wednesdays 2-4 p.m.

  • Center for Children and Families
    What: Teach lessons and play with children who have grown up in unstable and detrimental homes
    Where: Center for Children and Families
    When: Friday afternoons

  • Literacy in Bloom
    What: Work with Miss Black OU to promote literacy and hold important discussions among middle school students.
    Where: Erving Middle School
    When: Fridays 1-3 p.m.

The Fall 2019 Project Member Application is now closed. Please contact for information on how to get involved this semester.


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