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How it Works

How it Works

Our Strategic Plan consists of five elements:

  • The University‚Äôs Purpose;
  • The Pillars that define what kind of university we want to be;
  • The Strategies that carry out the Pillars;
  • The Tactics required to fulfill the Strategies; and
  • Regular Assessment and Performance Review based on the Strategic Plan.


The Purpose is concrete, immovable, and enduring. It is the essence of what we do.

The Pillars establish the initial pathway for fulfilling our Purpose. They reach to the core of what is most important for the University. Like the Purpose, Pillars do not change except under truly exceptional circumstances. Strategies separate Pillars into manageable parts so that underlying tactics can be identified, assessed, planned, and executed with clarity and efficiency.

Simply stated, Strategies are intermediate goals.

Tactics are where the rubber meets the road. They are fluid and correspond to then-current needs, while always remaining consistent with the corresponding Strategy.

Regular assessment and performance review will be essential to successful implementation of the Plan.

Our Strategic Plan is a living, breathing roadmap to our future. In many ways it will be like our Constitution, shaping year-to-year plans and informing decisions at all levels of the University. The Plan operates top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top. Everything is connected and coordinated.

Organizational Chart. Level 1: Purpose. Level 2: Two pillars flow into Purpose. Level 3: Two strategy boxes each flow into the level two pillars. Level 4: Three tactics each lead into the level 3 strategies.

It is through this Plan that we will fulfill our essential Purpose, realizing greatness for our institution, students, state, nation, and world.

Each member of the OU community will have a part to play in bringing our Plan to life. Together, we will leave to future generations a University that is stronger than ever before.