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At the heart of our Strategic Plan are five pillars that define how we will fulfill our Purpose. Together, the pillars are our fundamental objectives, and they are carried out through the implementation of thoughtful and concrete strategies and tactics.




1. Become a Top-Tier Public Research University

Read Pillar 1 Strategies and Tactics

2. Prepare Students for a Life of Success, Meaning, Service, and Positive Impact

Read Pillar 2 Strategies and Tactics

3. Make OU’s Excellence Affordable and Attainable

Read Pillar 3 Strategies and Tactics

4. Become a Place of Belonging and Emotional Growth for All Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Read Pillar 4 Strategies and Tactics

5. Enrich and Positively Impact Oklahoma, the Nation, and the World through Research and Creative Activity

Read Pillar 5 Strategies and Tactics