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Graduate Programs

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Graduate Degree Programs

The Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy offers programs leading to the M.S. degree in geology, geophysics, geological engineering, natural gas engineering and management, or petroleum engineering, and the Ph.D. degree in geology, geophysics, geological engineering, or petroleum engineering.

The Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering is a leading research institution that has a tradition of excellence dating back to its earliest days. Students of our MS and PhD programs are provided with a premier education in a diverse and multicultural workplace environment that is reflective of industry trends. Students are offered opportunities to conduct original research and work closely with renowned faculty and industry leaders to gain experience and visibility through publication and conference presentations. The skills and knowledge gained though the graduate programs of MPGE allow our graduates to succeed in their careers.

Degrees Offered:

Master of Science in Geological Engineering

Master of Science in Natural Gas Engineering and Management

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Geological Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Engineering

MPGE Degrees

The School of Geosciences offers four graduate degrees, Masters of Science in both Geology and Geophysics, and PhD in both Geology and Geophysics. Currently there are 110 students enrolled in our graduate programs. All of these degrees require students to take courses in their area of specialization and conduct original research projects that will result in a Thesis (MS) or Dissertation (PhD). While in one of our graduate programs students are under the advisement of one of our 19 fulltime PhD holding faculty members.

Along with their degree work, many of our students participate in the various opportunities that the School of Geosciences has to make contact with future employers. The School hosts many companies that provide recruitment, presentation and internship opportunities for our graduate students that assist in future career planning.  

Degrees Offered:

Master of Science in Geology

Master of Science in Geophysics

Doctor of Philosophy in Geology

Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics

Geosciences Degrees