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End-of-Year Giving Quick Links

Looking to make an impact to the School of Geosciences through end-of-year gifts? Here are three priorities in the School of Geosciences.


Sarkeys Energy Center Plaza Renovation

The recent repairs to the roof on the SEC Plaza have provided an opportunity to build a unique and anticipated Outdoor Classroom for students in Geosciences, campus visitors, and K-12 outreach. Join us in the effort to create unique outdoor learning spaces that will aid in experiential learning, recruitment and retention for School of Geosciences students.

R. Douglas Elmore Endowed Scholarship Fund  *Match Available*

In honor of beloved professor Doug Elmore, a fund has been established that will allow Dr. Elmore to grant scholarships every year to deserving students, ensuring his legacy for decades to come. Thanks to the generosity of Chris and Cathy Cheatwood, all gifts up to $100,000 will be matched.


Emma Giddens

Emma Giddens Memorial Scholarship

Alumna Emma Giddens (M.S., 2016) was a promising young geoscientist. Emma passed away in 2020. Her family has established a memorial fund in her honor, which will award an annual grant to the student “who best exemplifies Emma’s passion for geology, brilliant scientific mind, kind empathetic heart and relentless drive for perfection."


Support our Students

Donations to the School of Geosciences can be made online or via check. If you would like to donate to a specific fund, please include that designation. A comprehensive list of accounts is listed below.

Specific needs include:
Field Camp
Field Trips
TA Support

Check Donations

Donations may be made by check. The donation target may be specified in the memo line.

Make check payable to:
OU Foundation

and mail to:
The University of Oklahoma Foundation
P.O. Box 258856
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-8856

Give Online

Make a gift online using the secure form below:


Stephanie Buettner

For more information on how to give, please contact:

Stephanie Buettner
Executive Director of Advancement

School of Geosciences Foundation Accounts

Fund Number Fund Name
30082 Geology Foundation
30201 Setliff Student Aid
30720 School of Geology Enrichment
30751 Texaco Inc X-Ray Lab
30803 Exxon Education Fund
30868 Shell Aid
30960 Structural Geology & Geophysics
31107 Petroleum Geochemistry
31154 Engel Pres Young Investigator
31216 Paleomagnetics & Diagenesis
31282 ConocoPhillips SGG Scholarship
31297 Marathon Scholarship
32195 Mid-East Basin Analysis
32201 Chevron Geology & Geophysics Graduate Fellowship
32211 Phillips Capital Fund
32312 BP Corporation Geosciences Graduate Fellowship
32353 Beginning Geology Labs
32444 Reservoir Characterization
32445 Geology & Geophysics Enhancement/Enrichment
32693 QEP Corporation Geology & Geophysics Scholarship 
32845 Applied Structural Geology
32868 SGG Special Events
32942 Harry C Lee Memorial
33073 Newfield Exploration Co School for Geology & Geophysics
33084 Chesapeake Energy Co
33089 CP Renovation of CPSGG
33150 Edward Axkman Paleontology
33173 Phillip Boyle Scholarship
33236 Alumni Advisory Enrichment
33268 CPSGG Program Support
33353 CPSGG Associates
33402 Pioneer Natural Resources
33514 SGG Trailblazer Society
33531 Apache Corp Scholars
33671 Dixon Family Faculty Enhancement
33698 Nancy Scofield Scholarship
33713 Pick & Hammer Club Fund
33742 CPSGG Field Trip
33841 Chris J. Cheatwood Geology & Geophysics Graduate
33849 Craighead G&G Field Trip
34139 AAPG Student Chapter
40004 Harry J Brown Memorial
40057 Eli Stephen Parker Fund
40095 EA Paschal Scholarship
40112 Houston Oil & Minerals
40117 Hubert E Clift Memorial
40231 Phil & Roberta Kirschner Geology Scholarship
40255 A Rodger Denison Endowment
40276 Frank Gouin Scholarship
40280 Cecil Von Hagen Endowed Scholarship
40372 Elinor C. Morris Graduate Scholarship
40407 Kermit Whitefield Calmes Memorial
40434 Beveridge Co Scholarship
40451 Frank A Melton Memorial
40459 William Arper Memorial
40465 Harry A Larsh Scholarship
40562 Heston Geology Scholarship
40584 International Petroleum Exposition Geology
40616 Dr. Charles E Decker
40695 Arthur Myers Scholarship
40714 James C. Campbell Memorial
40795 Sun Geology & Geophysics
40883 Youngblood Geology Library
40898 George Huffman Memorial
40952 OH Ike Hill Endowed Scholarship
41007 Harry Lee Crockett Geology
41008 Orville F Russell Scholarship
41043 Hugh E Hunter Petrology
41115 Robert Edwards Lowry Scholarship
41119 William E Ham Scholarship
41140 The Browning Enterprises
41147 Donal J Duffy Memorial
41155 Alumni Advisory Council
41192 Gould Outstanding Senior
41264 DeGolyer Graduate Fellowship
41321 Richard Hollingsworth
41479 James Leland Morgan Endowed Scholarship
41596 Jay & Betty Dyer Endowed Scholarship
41614 Robert O Mitchell Memorial
41696 Charles W Harper Field
41731 James A Gibbs Geosciences
41749 Charles S Standley Jr Geology Scholarship
41754 Maria Frances Spencer Memorial
41866 Glenn Eugene Laskey Memorial
41911 Alan J Witten Scholarship
41954 Glenn W Okerson Endowed Scholarship
41970 G Carl Hale Scholarship
41995 Everett Lee DeGolyer
42012 Chris Cheatwood Endowed
42047 Robert K Goldhammer Fellowship
42071 James W. Caylor Endowed
42088 School of G&G Endowed Scholarship
42089 School of G&G Endowed Fellowship
42094 Howard & Ruth Born Endowed Scholarship
42098 Kelvin Cates Endowment
42109 Patrick K. Sutherland Memorial
42110 David Stearns Scholarship
42112 Brian & Sandra O'Brien Endowed Schlarship
42137 Harold Kleen Memorial
42143 ConocoPhillips G&G Graduate Endowed Fellowship
42171 William & Lillian Cloppine Endowed Scholarship
42177 ConocoPhillips G&G Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship
42178 ConocoPhillips G&G Teaching
42193 Ben Hare Excellence in Teaching
42206 Thomas Mairs Endowed Memorial
42220 Ben Hare Memorial Fund
42226 TD & Marilyn Craighead Endowed Scholarship
42237 Stanley Cunningham
42243 Raymond Ben Shawn Endowed Scholarship
42247 Bill & Doann Reed Fellowship
42249 Sally Rahe Thomas Endowed Scholarship
42250 Al & Ann Basinger Endowed Scholarship
42291 Ralf Andrews Jr Memorial
42302 Gene P Morrell Memorial
42334 Tommy C & Billye Joy Craighead Endowed
42337 Geology Field Camp Fund
42382 Dr. Roger Young Memorial
42461 Klabzuba Oil & Gas Scholarship
42480 Wick Cary Field Camp Lodge Endowed
42481 Wick Cary Crustal Imaging
42645 Robert L Harris Memorial
42657 SM Energy Endowed Scholarship
42682 James L Elkin Scholarship
42687 Linda & Roger Slatt Endowed Graduate Student Support
42713 Axtmann Field Camp Fellowship
42824 Charles J. Mankin Memorial
42930 Barbara Gibson Endowed
42944 Mershon Jr Geol Endowed Scholarship
42945 Mershon Jr Endowed Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
42946 Mershon Jr Enrichment Fund for CPSGG
42947 Mershon Field Camp Support
43042 Richard S. Norville Endowed Scholarship
43066 Reasnor Family Scholarship
43206 Dr. R. Douglas Elmore Endowed Scholarship
43210 Emma Lyn Giddens Memorial Scholarship
6355000 OERB Scholarship
6433000 Joan Echols Scholarship