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G. Randy Keller

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G. Randy Keller

G. Randy Keller

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., 1973, Geosciences (Geophysics), Texas Tech University
M.S, 1969, Geosciences (Geophysics); Texas Tech University
B.S., 1968, Mathematics (with Honors); Texas Tech University

Office: SEC 726
OGS Phone: 405-325-7968
Fax: 405-325-3140

Areas of Interest

Geophysical Studies of Natural Hazards, Natural Resources, and Groundwater, Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere from basins to the upper mantle, Geoinformatics and Data Integration


My research and teaching interests stress geophysical applications that span a variety of techniques and scales. My students and I have conducted many studies of the structure and evolution of basins and deeper features in the lithosphere around the world using seismic, gravity, and magnetic measurements integrated with geological data. I have also regularly used geophysical methods to study issues such as groundwater resources, earthquake hazards, and characterization of sites for sensitive facilities. Also, I have been very involved in the Geoinformatics initiative and am interested in the development of geophysical databases, techniques that foster data integration, software tools, and Web services.

Selected Publications

Rumpfhuber, Eva-Maria, Keller, G. R., 2009, An integrated analysis of controlled- and passive source seismic data across an Archean-Proterozoic suture zone in the Rocky Mountains, USA: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 114, B08301, doi:10.1029/2008JB005726.

Rumpfhuber, Eva-Maria, Keller, G. R., Sandvol, Eric, Velasco, A. A. and Wilson, Dave, 2009, Rocky Mountain Evolution: Tying CD-ROM and Deep Probe seismic experiments with receiver functions: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 114, B08301, doi:10.1029/2008JB005726.

Mickus, K. L., Stern, R. J., Keller, G. R., and Anthony, E. Y., 2009, Potential field evidence for a volcanic rifted margin along the Texas Gulf coast: GEOLOGY, v. 37, p.387-390.

Grad, M., A. Guterch, Stanis?aw Mazur, G. R. Keller, Aleš Špičák, Pavla Hrubcová, Wolfram H. Geissler, and SUDETES 2003 Working Group, 2008, Lithospheric structure of the Bohemian Massif and adjacent Variscan belt in central Europe based on Profile S01 from the SUDETES 2003 experiment: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 113, B10304, doi:10.1029/2007JB005497.

Gao, S. S., K. H. Liu, R. J. Stern, G. R. Keller, J. P. Hogan, J. Pulliam, and E. Y. Anthony, 2008, Characteristics of mantle fabrics beneath the south-central United States: Constraints from shear-wave splitting measurements: Geosphere, v. 4, p. 411-417.

Brückl, E., F. Bleibinhaus, A. Gosar, M. Grad, A. Guterch, P. Hrubcova, G. R. Keller, M. Majdanski, F. Sumanovac, T. Tiira, J. Yliniemi, E. Hegedüs, H. Thybo, 2007, Crustal structure due to collisional and escape tectonics in the Eastern Alps region based on profiles Alp01 and Alp02 from the ALP 2002 seismic experiment: Journal of Geophysical Res., v.112, B06308, doi:10.1029/2006JB004687.

Guterch, A., M. Grad and G. R. Keller, 2007, Long range controlled source seismic experiments in Europe, in, Treatise on Geophysics; v. 1, Seismology and the Structure of the Earth, B. Romanowicz and A. Dziewonski (eds.), Crust and Lithospheric Structure: Elsevier, p. 533-558.

Khatun, S., D. I. Doser, E. C. Imana, and G. R. Keller, 2007, Locating faults in the southern Mesilla bolson west Texas and southern New Mexico using 3-D modeling of precision gravity data: Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, v. 12, p. 149-161.

Grad, M., A. Guterch, G. R. Keller, and POLONAISE 97 and CELEBRATION 2000 Working Groups, 2007, Variations in lithospheric structure across the margin of Baltica in Central Europe and the role of the Variscan and Carpathian orogenies, in Hatcher, R. D., Jr., Carlson, M. P., McBride, J. H., and Martínez Catalán, J. R. (eds.), The 4D Framework of Continental Crust: GSA, Memoir 200, 341-356.

Keller, G. R. and R. A. Stephenson, 2007, The southern Oklahoma and Dniepr-Donets aulacogens: a comparative analysis, in Hatcher, R. D., Jr., Carlson, M. P., McBride, J. H., and Martínez Catalán, J. R. (eds.), The 4D Framework of Continental Crust: GSA, Memoir 200, p. 127-143.