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Kurt J. Marfurt

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Kurt J. Marfurt

Kurt J. Marfurt

Ph.D., 1978, Applied Geophysics, Columbia University
M.S., 1975, Applied Geophysics, Columbia University
A.B., 1973, Physics and French, Hamilton College

Office: SEC 872

Kurt Marfurt CV (pdf)

Areas of Interest

Seismic Interpretation, Seismic Attributes, and Machine Learning


Correlation of seismic attributes to well drilling, completion, and production for unconventional plays. Seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology. Seismic data conditioning to improve structural and stratigraphic image fidelity. Computer-assisted pattern recognition and machine learning.

AASPI Consortium website

Courses Taught

Intro to Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (Fall)

3D Seismic Interpretation (Fall)

3D Seismic Processing (Spring)

Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (even years, Spring)

Seismic Modeling and Migration (odd years, Spring)

Geophysics Seminar (Fall and Spring)

Selected Publications


Marfurt, K. J., 2018, Seismic attributes as the framework for data integration throughout the lifespan of oil field: Society of Exploration Geophysics Distinguished Instructor Series, Tulsa, OK, 508 p.

Chopra, S., and K. J. Marfurt, 2007, Seismic attributes for prospect identification and reservoir characterization: Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Tulsa, OK, 456 p.


Selected Papers

Chopra, S. and K. J. Marfurt, 2019, Multispectral, multiazimuth, and multioffset coherence attribute applications: Interpretation, 7,

Qi, J., A. AlAli, G. Machado, Y. Hu, and K. J. Marfurt, 2019, Image processing of seismic attributes for automatic fault extraction: Geophysics, 84, O25-O37.

Qi, X., and K. J. Marfurt, 2018, Volumetric aberrancy to map subtle faults and flexures: Intepretation, 6, T248-T365.

Perez-Altamar, R., and K. J. Marfurt, 2015, Identification of brittle/ductile areas in unconventional reservoirs using seismic and microseismic data: Applications to the Barnett Shale: Interpretation, 3, T233-T243.

Zhao, T., V. Jayaram, A. Roy, and K. J. Marfurt, 2015, A comparison of classification techniques for seismic facies recognition: Interpretation, 3, SAE29-SAE58.