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M. Charles Gilbert

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M. Charles Gilbert

M. Charles Gilbert

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. 1965, University of California at Los Angeles
M.S. 1961, University of Oklahoma
B.S. 1958, University of Oklahoma

Office: SEC 754
Fax: 405-325-3140

Areas of Interest

Igneous and Metamorphic Rock Systems


My interests have included 1) stability relations of the rock-forming ferromagnesian minerals, especially amphiboles, pyroxenes, and micas; 2) processes active in the evolution of igneous and metamorphic rock systems; and 3) petrology and tectonic development of rifts, particularly as exemplified by the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen. Much of my work lately has centered around attempts to understand the emplacement of the Cambrian igneous floor of the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen through study of the outcrops in the Wichita Mountains, effectively combining all the interests noted above.