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Michael Behm

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Michael Behm

Jamie Rich

Ph.D., 2006, Engineering Sciences (Geodesy, Geophysics), Vienna University of Technology
M.Sc., 2002, Geodesy and Geophysics, Vienna University of Technology


Areas of Interest

Exploration Geophysics, Solid Earth Geophysics, Seismic Imaging/Monitoring, Seismic Interferometry, Near-Surface Geophysics


Our research group applies seismic and other methods to image subsurface structures and processes at different scales. Current projects include:

  • Imaging the deep crust of Oklahoma from induced earthquakes
  • Seismic imaging of an alpine valley and its implications on paleoclimate
  • Integration of passive and active seismic processing schemes
  • Electrical resistivity imaging of shallow carbonate deposits and their relation to hydrological processes

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught

Gravity and Magnetics in Exploration

Geophysical Imaging of the Near Surface

Geophysics Field Camp

Geophysical Research Seminar

Selected Publications

Behm, M., Cheng., F., Patterson, A., and Soreghan, L. (2019). Passive processing of active nodal seismic data: estimation of VP∕VS ratios to characterize structure and hydrology of an alpine valley infill. Solid Earth, 10, 1337–1354

Cheng, F., Xia, J., Behm, M., Hu, Y., Pang, J (2019). Automated Data Selection in the Tau–p Domain: Application to Passive Surface Wave Imaging. Surveys in Geophysics, 1-18

Behm, M. (2018). Reflections from the Inner Core Recorded during a Regional Active Source Survey: Implications for the Feasibility of Deep Earth Studies with Nodal Arrays. Seismological Research Letters, 89(5), 1698-1707

Behm, M (2017). Feasibility of borehole ambient noise interferometry for permanent reservoir monitoring. Geophysical Prospecting,65 (2), 563-580

Behm, M., Nakata, N., and Bokelmann, G. (2016). Regional ambient noise tomography in the Eastern Alps of Europe. Pure and Applied Geophysics 173(8), 2813-2840

Planes, T., Mooney, M., Rittgers, J., Parekh, M., Behm, M., and Snieder, R. (2015). Time-lapse monitoring of internal erosion in earthen dams and levees using ambient seismic noise. Gèotechnique 66(4), 301-312

Bianchi, I., Behm, M., Rumpfhuber, E., and Bokelmann, G. (2015). A new seismic data set on the Depth of the Moho in the Alps. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 172(2), 295-308

Nakata, N., Snieder, R., and Behm, M. (2014). Body-wave interferometry using regional earthquakes with multi-dimensional deconvolution after wavefield decomposition at free surface. Geophysical Journal International (199), 1125-1137

Behm, M., and Shekar, B. (2014). Blind deconvolution of multichannel recordings by linearized inversion in the spectral domain. Geophysics, 79(2), V33– V45.

Loidl, B., Behm, M., Thybo, H., and Stratford, W. (2014). Three-dimensional seismic model of crustal structure in Southern Norway. Geophysical Journal International, 196(3), 1643–1656.