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Michael J. Soreghan

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Michael J. Soreghan

James Roy Maxey Professor
Associate Professor of Geosciences

Michael J. Soreghan

Ph.D., 1994, University of Arizona
M.S., 1990, Indiana University
B.S., 1986, University of California, Los Angeles

Office: SEC 834
Fax: 405-325-3140

Faculty Page

Area of Interest

Sedimentary and Environmental Geology


My research centers on the controls on, and the impacts of, sedimentation in continental settings. Presently, the research I do falls within two different themes:  1) Documenting recent sedimentation in African lakes and its impacts on biologic and human systems, and 2) Interpreting long-term climatic signals from late Paleozoic eolian and lacustrine strata. Please visit the link below (personal web page) to read about specific research projects and how students can be involved. My main research methods lie in field-oriented data collection, however, I have increasingly employed geochemistry, computer imaging and modeling to supplement the field data. My research has mainly been funded by the National Science Foundation, however, work in East Africa has also been supported by the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy.

Courses Taught

The Dynamic Earth

The Geology of Oklahoma

Earth, Sustainability and the Economy

Conservation and Social Issues Regarding African Lakes

Earth System History

The Earth System

Sedimentation and Tectonics

Selected References

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