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Sina Saneiyan

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Sina Saneiyan

Brett Carpenter

Ph.D., 2019 Environmental Sciences – Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
M.S., 2014 Petroleum Engineering – Shahrood University of Technology, Iran
B.S., 2011 Mining Engineering – University of Tehran, Iran


Office: SEC 818


Faculty Page

Areas of Interest

Near Surface Geophysics, Environmental Geophysics, Engineering Geophysics, Soil Mechanics, Biogeophysics, Hydrogeophysics, Computational Geophysics


My research mainly focuses on the geophysical characterization of near-surface processes through a wide range of methods such as electrical resistivity, induced polarization, and electromagnetics. I am particularly interested in:

  • Prediction of soil behavior under dynamic forces (e.g., flooding, earthquake and heavy rain) by using novel methods for this purpose (e.g., complex resistivity and 3D induced polarization imaging). In this research, I aim to develop an early-warning system installed in-situ for monitoring unstable soils prone to landslides and shear failure. Currently, I am investigating the possibility of monitoring soil deformation and failure by complex resistivity methods.

  • Designing geophysical monitoring instruments for permanent site characterizations by installing instruments capable of real-time data processing and reporting. One example is using electrical resistivity imaging in critical zones as a permanent monitoring tool to investigate the subsurface water transport in the long term. With recent advancements in computer programming (e.g., project ResIPy) and computational instruments, real-time geophysical monitoring will become the new frontier in subsurface monitoring.

  • Basic science research (laboratory/pilot study) for understanding microscopic properties of soils/rocks using advanced geophysical techniques (e.g., spectral induced polarization). This will help in improving our understanding of micro-scale hydrogeological processes remotely/indirectly.

Courses Taught

GEOL 1114 Physical Geology

Selected Publications

Saneiyan, S., & Slater, L. D. (2021). Complex conductivity signatures of unconfined compressive deformation and shear failure in soils, Engineering Geology, 291(May), 106219.

Saneiyan, S., Ntarlagiannis, D., & Colwell, F. (2021). Complex conductivity signatures of microbial induced calcite precipitation, field and laboratory scales. Geophysical Journal International, 224(3), 1811-1824.

Ohan, J. A., Saneiyan, S., Lee, J., Bartlow, A., Ntarlagiannis, D., Burns, S. E., & Colwell, F. S. (2020). Microbial and Geochemical Dynamics of an Aquifer Stimulated for Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP), Frontier Microbiology, 11, 1327.

Blanchy, G., Saneiyan, S., Boyd, J., McLachlan, P., & Binley, A. (2020). ResIPy, an intuitive open source software for complex geoelectrical inversion/modeling in 2D space, Computers and Geosciences, 137, 104423.

Saneiyan, S., Ntarlagiannis, D., Ohan, J., Lee, J., Colwell, F., & Burns, S. (2019). Induced polarization as a monitoring tool for in-situ microbial induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) processes. Ecol Eng. 127, 36–47

Saneiyan, S., Ntarlagiannis, D., Werkema, D. D., & Ustra, A. (2018). Geophysical methods for monitoring soil stabilization processes, J. Appl. Geophys., 148, 234–244