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Steve Westrop

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Steve Westrop

Steve Westrop

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., 1984, University of Toronto
M.S., 1980, University of Toronto
B.S., 1976, University of Wales at Swansea

Office: SEC 920

Areas of Interest

Invertebrate Paleontology


My research interests lie at the intersection of paleontology, ecology and evolutionary biology. Patterns and processes of mass extinction, with special reference to Lower Paleozoic trilobite faunas of North America, are a primary focus. Other research deals with evolutionary radiations following mass extinctions and with the changing role of trilobites in Paleozoic marine communities. I have also published extensively on trilobite systematics and biostratigraphy. I have additional interests in the taphonomy of marine depositional systems, as well as in stratigraphy and sedimentary facies analysis.  All of my research is strongly field-based, and my students and I work on Cambrian and Ordovician successions throughout North America.  Funding is primarily from the National Science Foundation.

Courses Taught

History of the Earth and Life

Fundamentals of Invertebrate Paleontology

Evolutionary Paleobiology

Selected Publications

Adrain, J.M. and Westrop, S.R. 2000. An empirical assessment of taxic paleobiology. Science, 289:110-112.

Adrain, J.M., Westrop, S.R., Chatterton, B.D.E., and Ramsk├Âld, L. 2000. Silurian trilobite alpha diversity and the end-Ordovician mass extinction. Paleobiology, 26:625-646.

Westrop, S.R. and Landing, E. 2000. Lower Cambrian (Branchian) trilobites and biostratigraphy of the Hanford Brook Formation, New Brunswick. Journal of Paleontology, 74:858-878.

Westrop, S.R. and Ludvigsen, R. 2000. The Late Cambrian (Marjuman) trilobite Hysteropleura Raymond from the Cow Head Group, western Newfoundland. Journal of Paleontology, 74: 1020-1030.

Westrop, S.R. and Cuggy, M.B. 1999. Comparative paleoecology of Cambrian trilobite extinctions. Journal of Paleontology, 72: 337-354.

 Westrop, S.R. and Rudkin, D.M. 1999. Trilobite taphonomy of a Silurian reef: Attawapiskat Formation, James Bay Lowlands, Ontario. Palaios, 14, 389-397.

Adrain, J.M., Fortey, R.A. and Westrop, S.R. Post-Cambrian trilobite diversity and evolutionary faunas. Science, 280: 1922-192