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Younane N. Abousleiman

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Younane N. Abousleiman

 Younane N. Abousleiman

Ph.D., 1991, University of Delaware
M.S., 1986, Columbia University, New York
B. S., 1982, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Office: R210
Phone: 405-325-2900


Curriculum Vitae

Faculty Page

Areas of Interest

Reservoir Characterization, Mechanics of Porous Media


Reservoir compaction and subsidence, inclined boreholes, simulation of naturally fractured reservoirs, acoustic emission in rocks, poroelastic media, and sanding.

Dr. Abousleiman has been successful in generating $21 million in research funding for the integrated PoroMechanics Institute and is the principal investigator for two industry-sponsored consortia. He has over 300 academic publications.

Courses Taught

Introduction Reservoir Characterization
Reservoir Characterization II
Physical Geology for Science & Engineering Majors

Selected Publications

Guo, J., Liu, C., and Abousleiman, Y. N.  2019.  Transversely isotropic poroviscoelastic bending beam solutions for low-permeability porous medium.  Mechanics Research Communications, 95:  1-7.

Liu, C., Mehrabian, A., and Abousleiman, Y. N.  2018.  Theory and Analytical Solutions to Coupled Processes of Transport and Deformation in Dual-Porosity Dual-Permeability Poro-Chemo-Electro-Elastic Media.  ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics,  85(11): 111006-1 – 111006-13.

Liu, C. and Abousleiman, Y. N.  2018.  Multiporosity/Multipermeability Inclined-Wellbore Solutions With Mudcake Effects. SPE Journal, 23(05): SPE-191135-PA.

Mehrabian, A. and Abousleiman, Y., 2018.  Theory and Analytical Solution to Cryer’s Problem of N-Porosity and N-Permeability Poroelasticity.  Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 118:  218-227.

Liu, C., Hoang, S.K., and Abousleiman, Y., 2018. Responses of chemically active and naturally fractured shale under time-dependent mechanical loading and ionic solution exposure. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 42(1): 34-69.