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Ze'ev Reches

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Ze'ev Reches

Ze'ev Reches

Ph.D., 1977, Stanford University
M.S.,1972, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
B.S., 1970, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Office: SEC 838
Fax: 405-325-3140

Faculty Page

Areas of Interest

Structural Geology, Earthquakes, and Rock Mechanics


  • Earthquake simulation in laboratory experiments
  • Earthquakes and Faults
  • Dynamic Fracturing of Rocks
  • Rock mechanics
  • PC Software for Structural Analysis

Selected Publications

Reches Z and Lockner DA, 2010, Fault weakening and earthquake instability by powder lubrication. Nature, v. 467, p. 452–455.

Boneh, Yuval, Amir Sagy, and Zeʼev Reches, 2013, Frictional strength and wear-rate of carbonate faults during high-velocity, steady-state sliding.  Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett., v. 381, p. 127-137.

Chen, X, Madden, AS, Bickmore, BR, and Reches, Z., 2013, Dynamic weakening by nanoscale smoothing during high velocity fault slip. Geology, v. 41, 739–74.

Chang, JC, Lockner, DA, and Reches, Z, 2012, Rapid Acceleration Leads to Rapid Weakening in Earthquake-Like Laboratory Experiments. Science, v. 338, No. 6103, p. 101-105.

Heesakkers, V., Murphy, S., Lockner, DA, and Reches, Z, 2011. Earthquake Rupture at Focal Depth: Part I. Structure of the Pretorius Fault, TauTona Mine, South Africa, Pure & Applied Geophysics, v. 168, p. 2395-2425.

Busetti, S., Mish, K., Hennings, P., & Reches, Z. E. 2012. Damage and plastic deformation of reservoir rocks: Part 2. Propagation of a hydraulic fracture. AAPG Bulletin, v. 96(9), p. 1711-1732.

Reches Z. and Ito H., 2007, Scientific Drilling of Active Faults: Past and Future. In Harms, U., Koeberl, C., and  Zoback, MD. (Eds.) Scientific Drillings Continental Scientific Drilling A Decade of Progress, and Challenges for the Future. Springer, p. 235-258.

Wilson B., T.A. Dewers, Z. Reches, and J. Brune, 2005. Texture and Energetics of Gouge Powder from Earthquake Rupture Zones. Nature. 434, 749-752.

Reches, Z. and T.A. Dewers, 2005. Gouge Formation by Dynamic Pulverization During Earthquakes. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., v. 235, p. 361-374.

Sagy, A., Z. Reches, and A. Agnon, 2003. Hierarchic three-dimensional structure and slip partitioning in the western Dead Sea pull-apart. Tectonics, v. 22.

Muhuri, S. K., T.A. Dewers, T.E. Scott, and Z. Reches, 2003. Interseismic fault strengthening and earthquake slip instability: friction or cohesion? Geology, 31, 881–884.

Sagy, A., Z. Reches, and J. Fineberg, 2002. Dynamic fracture by extraterrestrial impacts as the origin of shatter-cones. Nature, v. 418, 310-313.