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Pick and Hammer Club

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Pick & Hammer Club

The Geology Club

Pick and Hammer is an active geology club that operates through the School of Geosciences.  All majors are welcome!

Pick and Hammer is an official OU Student Organization that raises awareness of the importance of geology and geophysics in society, and creates a venue for students to explore the geosciences through field trips, social events and community outreach. The organization is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of various majors.

Virtual Field Trip

Experience Pick & Hammer's virtual field trip by clicking the image below!


Bren Cable
B.S. Geology Student

John Smith
B.S. Petroleum Engineering Student

Hayden Noakes

B.S. Petroleum Engineering Student

Conley Thom
B.S. Petroleum Engineering Student

Tucker McCoy
Lead Outreach Coordinator

B.S. Geology Student

Peter Reilly

Jeremy Colburn
Outreach Coordinator
B.S. Geology Student

Rania Altahini
Outreach Coordinator

B.S. Petroleum Engineering Student

Club Activities

Pick & Hammer is a student geoscience club whose purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of geologic studies and to create a place where students at all levels of geologic study and interest can meet. These goals are accomplished by engaging students and the community through trips and social events. Pick & Hammer hosts monthly movie nights, eat and meets, and field trips open to all club members and students who are interested in the geosciences.


Pick & Hammer reached over 2,000 students this semester through our outreach efforts.  In addition to our Sarkeys Energy Center tours, we visited K-12 schools and participated in community events including:

  • Sustainability Merit Badge Counselors
  • Oklahoma Women in Science Conference
  • OERB STEM Community Night
  • Norman High School AP Environmental Science class
  • Mayfield Middle School visit
  • Noble school visit
  • Pleasant Grove school visit
  • Oklahoma Science Olympiad Training
  • Oklahoma City Gem and Mineral Show
  • Tahlequah Gem and Mineral Show
  • Ada Gem and Mineral Show
  • Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
  • OU Thanksgiving
  • CASP Norman
  • Engineering Involvement Fair volunteers

Pick & Hammer Online Educational Materials

P&H outreach efforts are supported by Halliburton

Check out “Geology Kitchen” where a geologist uses the kitchen to talk about different geology topics using youtube videos. The link is

There are 14 videos, including the following:

  • Geology Kitchen – The Three Types of Rocks
  • Geology Kitchen #1– What is a Mineral?
  • Geology Kitchen #2 – Identifying Minerals 
  • Geology Kitchen #3 – Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
  • Geology Kitchen #9 – Plate Tectonics
  • Geology Kitchen #12 – Oil in the Kitchen

Also check out “EveryDayEarth” ( which is an interactive video program, which allows teachers and students to “immerse” themselves in scientific-based thinking. Several P&H students (Brittany Stroud, Roberto Clairmont, Daniel Mbainayel and Sarah Sundberg) participated in videos created for “EveryDay Earth."

See What We're Up To!

Visit our website: Pick and Hammer Website

For up-to-date events, follow us on Facebook: Pick and Hammer on Facebook