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Geology Minor

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Minor in Geology

The Geology Minor provides complimentary knowledge for students enrolled in all majors at the University of Oklahoma. The minor should give students a broad overview of Geology and the variety of subset topics within the field; students will need to take one of the Introductory to Geology courses (GEOL 1104/1114) and can select electives to fulfill the remaining requirements. Student may select to take some of the Core Geology courses (with the proper pre-requisites): Mineralogy, Petrology, Structural Geology, Depositional Systems, or students can select from a number of electives on topics such as: Earth History, Geology of Oklahoma, Oceanography, Planetary Geology, Earth’s Resources and Environment, Earth’s Climate, and Paleontology.

Contact the School of Geosciences for questions regarding the Minor and/or specific course options.

GEOLOGY MINOR | Geology Minor Checksheet

19 Credits Required

1. GEOL 1104: Dynamic Earth or GEOL 1114: Physical Geology                  4 Hours
2. Geology Coursework (9 hours must be upper-division, 3000-4000 level) 15 Hours

Please review specific minor requirements at the link above.

Students can declare majors in the MCEE Student Services Office