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Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements


The Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy is organized into two departments and schools. The degree of Bachelor of Science qualified by the name of the field pursued is conferred upon graduates of the College. 

The student must satisfy the following requirements: 

  1. Curricular Courses: Complete all prescribed curricular courses or equivalent courses as approved by the faculty. 
  2. Two-year College Transfer Credits: A minimum of 60 semester hours must be earned in a senior institution for a baccalaureate degree. 
  3. Catalog Requirements: Fulfill all requirements listed in the catalog. Although the Dean’s office checks each student’s records, the responsibility for meeting graduation requirements lies with the student, and not with the adviser, the School or the Dean. 
  4. Be in good academic standing with the College and the University. 
  5. Make application for the degree by March 1 for spring graduation, October 1 for fall graduation and July 1 for summer graduation. 
  6. To ensure that the above conditions will be met, the student must submit a completed Graduation Self-Check form to the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy Student Services Center no later than the semester before the student expects to graduate.   
  7. Residency Requirements: To be recommended for a degree, a candidate must have:
    a. spent two semesters or the equivalent in residence in the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy;
    b. completed at least 36 of the last 60 hours in residence. Twenty-four of these 36 hours must be in the major field;
    c. fulfilled the grade and grade point requirements of the College and School; NOTE: Academic credit from any division of the University of Oklahoma — Norman campus, OU Health Sciences Center, OU-Tulsa, or Continuing Education — is considered resident credit at the University of Oklahoma. Grades and hours earned at any of these divisions are included in the OU and combined retention grade point averages for purposes of determining completion of degree requirements.

Degrees are awarded at the end of each fall and spring semester and summer session. All diplomas are mailed to students following the official graduation date. The degree and date of the diploma are entered on the student’s permanent academic record. The date of graduation is the last day of the semester or summer session in which all requirements for the degree are completed. When a student completes all requirements for a degree other than at the close of a semester or summer session, the Office of Academic Records, upon request, will issue a certified statement that the student is eligible for the degree as of the date when the requirements for the degree were completed.