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Study Abroad Programs

The goal of the Mewbourne College study abroad programs is to provide students with a transformative, lifelong experience. To fully do so, it is important for the students to be immersed in different cultures. Although sometimes just a two-week trip, students come away with not only an enhanced academic experience but a greater global perspective. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice a foreign language and experience personal growth and develop leadership skills which will aid them in their future professional life. Students can earn three credits abroad while taking an elective course from a faculty member in either the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering or the School of Geosciences. Additionally, MCEE students get to interact with students and professionals from the host institutions who are also enrolled in the OU course and so work alongside each other.

Upcoming Mewbourne College Study Abroad Programs

Annette Moran
Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy

Annette Moran
Student Services Center
(405) 325-4005                                                     IADVISE

For semester and year long study abroad program options, you can start to search here on the Education Abroad website, and contact Loy.