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Future Trailblazers

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Future Trailblazers

The Oklahoma City SPE Future Trailblazers is a mentoring program designed to reward top petroleum engineering students with a local engineering mentor that will help them transition academic success into professional success. With the slowdown in industry activity, the need for industry engagement and mentoring is at an all-time high.

Why is mentoring important?

  • Accelerates acclimation to the industry
  • Allows for better informed choices
  • Helps in identifying skill gaps
  • Transfers knowledge of career success factors

Each mentor will be able to share professional insights and advice about the oil and gas industry from their own experiences. Students will have one-on-one access to their mentors throughout the school year and, along with their mentor, will be asked to participate in two organized events each semester. To be eligible for this program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • MPGE student entering their junior year in the curriculum (applications will be accepted during the spring semester of a student's sophomore year in the curriculum)
  • Paid SPE member in good standing with the OU Chapter
  • Diligent student by maintaining a good GPA
  • Eager to learn and be active in the energy industry outside of the classroom
  • Exhibit integrity and professionalism
  • Capable of participating in one or two scheduled events each semester

Students who are selected for this program will be expected to exhibit a ‘pay it forward’ attitude of mentoring the next generation of industry professionals through their interactions and relationships with underclassmen on campus. SPE and OU MPGE believe that by doing this, we can sustain a rich culture of producing high quality future leaders in the petroleum industry.