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Student Awards

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MPGE Undergraduate Awards Policy

1.  Utilize an equation with some pre-defined weight factors to determine each student’s total points as described below:

  • GPA (Max 70%); GPA > 3.9 will receive 60-70
  • GPA >3.6 & <3.9 will receive 40-60
  • GPA >3.4 & <3.6 will receive 20-40
  • GPA >3.2 & <3.4 will receive 0-20 of total points

·         Elected members of professional technical organizations and societies (SPE, AADE, SPWLA.) receive 10 points, regardless of the rank or the number of societies they have been elected to serve.

  • Members of OU Petrobowl team receive 10 points.
  • Students with paper publication (journal or nationwide conference proceeding or poster or paper contest as one of the first three co-authors) will receive 10 points, regardless of the number of publications.

2.  All faculty, will vote for top three students with the highest total points.