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MPGE Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

OU Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

The University of Oklahoma SPE Student Chapter strives to professionally enhance our student members while providing networking opportunities for the energy industry. OU SPE maintains an active role on campus by hosting social, philanthropic, and technical events. Our Petrobowl team competes internationally at ATCE and has more championship titles than any other school. We are recognized world-wide by SPE International as a Gold Standard Student Chapter, one of only 26, and are national leaders in raising funds and awareness for The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

OU American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)

The purpose of the OU American Association of Drilling Engineers is to provide a forum for the dissemination of practical drilling technology and techniques to those interested in the drilling industry while promoting professionalism and respect with regards to the drilling industry, the environment, and the communities in which the drilling industry operates. The Organization’s primary function is to provide opportunities for students to interact with current drilling professionals while promoting the aforementioned qualities.


OU Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)

OU Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts exhists to help students at the University of Oklahoma learn about petrophysics and well log analysis. Through participation in SPWLA sponsored activities, students receive exposure to the newest techniques and ideas coming from the field of petrophysics and well log analysis, as well as experience and opportunity available through networking with industry professionals.

OU Geothermal Rising Chapter (GRC)

The Geothermal Rising Chapter at the University of Oklahoma allows students to further their knowledge in regards to geothermal energy as well as connect with professionals knowledgeable in geothermal. GRC hosts in-person and online events that welcome all students who are wanting to learn more about geothermal energy.  


OU Pi Epsilon Tau (PiET)

Pi Epsilon Tau is an honor society for petorluem engineers that was founded in 1947 at OU. Its purpose is to foster a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry, to broaden the scope of activities of its members, and to maintain the high ideals and standards of the engineering profession. Members are chosen on the basis of their scholastic accomplishments, leadership, and sociability.



SPE 2021-2022 Officers

President: Karen Ochie
Vice-President: Chinedu Nwosu
Secretary: Zamakhosi Magagula
Treasurer: Christopher Toth



GRC 2021-2022 Officers

President: Cesar Vivas
Vice-President: Alex Cedola
Secretary: Danial Tetteh
Treasurer: Camila Castillo



AADE 2021-2022 Officers

President: Cameron Devers
Vice-President: Esteban Ugarte
Secretary: Fernando Aarón Rincon Silias
Treasurer: Sphindile Mtetwa



SPWLA 2021-2022 Officers

President: Blessed Amoah
Vice-President: Carlos Arengas
Secretary: Laura Osorio
Treasurer: Rishabh Pandey


Mentoring is a wonderful tool to prepare and encourage students for life after graduation. There are many opportunities availabel to our students to be mentored.