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Associate Professor

Office:    SEC 1114
Phone:    405-325-6778

Research interests: Advanced reservoir simulation and simulator development, Multi-physics, multi-scale coupled systems modeling, Accelerated computing, Data assimilation, Integrated reservoir modeling and management under uncertainty

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PhD, Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (2003)
MS, Petroleum Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh (1997)
BTech, Mining Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (1994)

I have 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, research and academia. I am currently an associate professor of petroleum engineering at Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. My current research interests are in advanced reservoir simulation and simulator development; multi-physics, multi-scale coupled systems modeling; accelerated computing; data assimilation; integrated reservoir modeling and management under uncertainty.

I started my career in petroleum engineering faculty at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka. During my tenure at BUET, I taught 7 different petroleum engineering courses. Later, I worked as post-doctoral research associate at University of Colorado, Boulder in the Geological Sciences Department. I also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Schlumberger's prestigious Gould Research Center focusing on flow assurance problem. At Schlumberger's Reservoir Simulation Center of Excellence in Abingdon, Oxford, UK, I have worked on ECLIPSE simulator development. ECLIPSE is considered the standard reservoir simulator and a leading reservoir simulator in the world by usage.

Most of my past research endeavors encompassed multiple disciplines. For my PhD, I worked on inverse-problem solution of integrated reservoir modeling, delving into reservoir flow simulation, constrained optimization, as well as spatial interpolation methods. At University of Colorado-Boulder, my research and development effort revolved around capturing geological and geophysical constraints into deepwater and carbonate reservoir models. At Schlumberger Cambridge Research, I focused on integration of association-based EOS models into thermal transient compositional multiphase-flow simulation to address hydrates-related flow assurance problems for subsea systems.

I have a global industrial, research and academic experience spanning India, Bangladesh, Canada, USA, UK, and UAE. I have been involved in several integrated field development projects as well as pilot projects for enhanced oil recovery methods and reservoir surveillance and monitoring. I have also worked on unconventional reservoirs related consulting projects. Prior to joining The University of Oklahoma, I led next-generation simulation effort for one of Chevron’s largest fields in Asia.

I have contributed to a monograph on integrated reservoir modeling. I have published in several peer-reviewed journals and have many conference papers. During my time at Schlumberger, I contributed to industrial trade secret and a patent application. I briefly served as interim Head of Department in Petroleum and Mineral Resources Department at BUET.  

  • Schlumberger DCS President Award for Dorra Field Development Project (2012)
  • Inventor Recognition Award, Schlumberger (2010)
  • Canadian International Development Agency Scholarship, University of Alberta, Canada (1997 – 2003) 
  • Offshore Mechanics and Engineering Scholarship, University of Alberta, Canada (1999) 
  • Academic 1st position in Science division, Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1989


X.H. Wen, C.V. Deutsch, S.A. Cullick, and Z.A. Reza: “Integration of Production Data in Generating Reservoir Models”, Center for Computational Geostatistics, Edmonton, Alberta, 2005, ISBN 0-9738460-0-3, 205 pages.

Journal Publications

C.S. Kabir, M. Elgmati, Z.A. Reza. 2012: “Estimating Drainage-Area Pressure with Flow-After-Flow Testing”, SPE Reservoir Engineering & Formation Evaluation, 15, 5, pp 571-583.

Z.A. Reza, M.J. Pranter and P. Weimer. 2006: “ModDRE: A Program to Model Deepwater Reservoir Elements Using Geomorphic and Stratigraphic Constraints”, Computers & Geosciences, 32, 8, pp 1205-1220.

D.A. Budd, M.J. Pranter and Z.A. Reza. 2006: “Lateral Periodic Variations in the Petrophysical and Geochemical Properties of Dolomite”, Geology, 34, 5, pp 373-376.

M.J. Pranter, Z.A. Reza and D.A. Budd. 2006: “Reservoir-scale Characterization and Multiphase Fluid-flow Modeling of Lateral Petrophysical Heterogeneity within Dolomite Facies of the Madison Formation, Sheep Canyon and Lysite Mountain, Wyoming”, Petroleum Geoscience 12, 1, pp 29-40.