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Associate Professor

Office:    SEC 1362

Research interests: Physics of multiphase flow in permeable media, Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, Reservoir characterization, Geothermal recovery

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B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, China Petroleum University, 1997
M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering,, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 2002
Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, 2006

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • Technical reviewer for SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering; Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology; International Journal of Mass and Heat Transfer; Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering; Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering; Advance in Water Resource.
  • CO2 injection to Enhanced Shale Oil Recovery
  • Using Partitioning tracer to characterize the fracture network in Shale formation

Xu, B., Wu, X., and Gao., Y. : “A Semi-Analytical Solution to Transient Temperature Behavior Along the Wellbore and Its Applications in Production Management”, SPE-170631-MS, Presented at 2014 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Oct. 27-29, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Wu, X., Ling, K., Liu, D.: “Deepwater Reservoir Characterization Using Tidal Signal from Permanent Downhole Pressure Gauge”, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering-Formation Evaluation, 16(4), p. 390-400. November 2013.

Ling, K., Wu, X., Zhang, H., He, J. : “Improved Gas Resource Calculation Using Modified Material Balance for Overpressure Gas Reservoirs”, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 17, p. 71-81. 2014

Ling, K., Wu, X., Guo, B., and He, J.: “New Method to Estimate the Surface Separators Optimum Operating Pressures,” Oil and Gas Facilities, 2(3), p. 65-76, June 2013.

Wu, X., Ling, K.: “Nitrogen Injection Experience to Development Gas and Gas condensate fields in Rocky Mountains”, IPTC-16830-MS, the 6th International Petroleum Technology Conference, 26-28 March, Beijing, China. 2013.